Best eCommerce Payment Gateways

How does eCommerce payment gateway improve customer and merchant experience?

e-Commerce businesses are timeless in opportunity despite their risky nature. If the merchants have a suitable and reliable business infrastructure, they can flourish conveniently. Millions of transactions take place on an e-Commerce website on daily basis. It is really important for a merchant to ensure the safety of these transactions. The eCommerce payment gateways make it simple to handle the hefty amount easily. Are you a business owner from the same industry? Then the piece of information below is for you.

What are the requirements of an eCommerce payment gateway?

Despite the generic role of payment gateways, they have to fulfill some industry-specific requirements. The payment gateway for eCommerce websites should come with certain traits to make every transaction successful between the merchant and the customer.

Easy to use –

eCommerce merchants make shopping easier and simpler and predictable and payment gateways have a big role in it. To manage these gateways, the merchants need to have one that is easy to use.

It should have a simple dashboard, administration panel as well as business administration tools. Also, it should have a monitoring and alerting system with performance indicators.

Global –

eCommerce businesses spread beyond geographical limits quite fast. Amazon, ebay, Walmart,  aliexpress, Magento, etsy, flipkart etc. are international eCommerce businesses. Your payment gateway should have the capacity to cover most of the locations. Also, multiple payment methods in multiple currencies are another feature you need to look for.

In this globalized world, a business cannot afford to overlook the significance of a payment gateway that facilitates payments from customers across the world. eCommerce Payment Gateway USA , UK, Paris etc. are available according to the requirement of this industry.

Secure –

The security of the money transfer between the merchant and the customer should remain uncompromisingly safe. The payment gateway provider you choose should be compliant with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard ) parameters.

eCommerce businesses are high-risk and security is always the prime concern. Chargebacks and fraud are the most common incidents that can happen to such a business. The security of the customer’s money is the most important thing for a business owner.

Economic –

Getting a payment gateway is a long-term thing and that is why the cost is a big factor. Payment processors charge according to the monthly volume mentioned by the merchant. Every business owner should do proper research while working on the cost part.

The good thing is that there are many options available online. eMerchantPro may end your research. Its affordable payment gateway services across the globe, provide suitable and budget-friendly solutions.

How eMerchant Pro offers fast integration and activation?

With a vast network across the world, eMerchantPro offers faster gateway integration. From payment gateways in the USA to the payment gateway services in Europe, Asia, Africa, the company serves across the world. The reason behind the trust of the people is the faster integration. We do not like delays because we value the time of the merchants.

Features that help us integrate and activate your payment gateway faster –

  • We work on the minimal cost and effort strategy, which naturally takes less time.
  • Seamless and speedy integration of APIs help merchants get things done faster.
  • Well outlined internal processes and detailed integration kit smoothen your online business.
  • We are compliant with the latest technology and PCI-DSS standards that are legally vital.

How does an e-commerce payment gateway work?

Some decided steps are included when a payment gateway works for an e-Commerce business. Here are the general ones that apply to almost all e-commerce companies.

  • The customer confirms the order and enters card details to make a payment.
  • Information or card detail is sent to the concerned card association.
  • Approval or denial of the transaction comes.
  • Approval is sent to the merchant and the merchant gives the acceptance.
  • Payment acceptance is sent to the card association
  • The card association sends the acceptance message to the bank.
  • Bank releases the payment and this all happens through the payment gateway.

The process above occurs in a few seconds every time a transaction takes place. We at eMerchantPro make this process simpler for the merchants through affordable services.


e-commerce payment gateways have a bright future as the market is getting vast day by day. The competition between the merchants is always high and they need a reliable payment processor. However, it is a big challenge for the online payment gateway companies, as they have to keep their systems enhanced with the latest technology. eMerchant Pro payment gateway services help eCommerce merchants enjoy simple and safer transactions with their customers. We have multiple clients from the same industry and our experience relatable to this business type will bring success to you.

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