Frequently Asked Questions

What is eMerchantPro?

eMerchantPro is a Payment Service Provider as well as a Merchant Service Provider. We assist businesses to gain a merchant account and payment gateway for their business.

Which Sector Do we deal in?

We primarily deal in High-Risk Businesses such as:

  • eCommerce
  • CBD
  • Adult Toys
  • Online Gaming
  • Forex
  • Betting
  • Gambling
  • Crypto
  • Nutra; etc

The list is not limited to these but extends to a huge number.

What are the Services Offered by eMerchantPro?

We have various services ready at our disposal. From High-Risk Payment Gateway, Offshore Merchant Account, Credit Card Processing, International Merchant account, Shopping cart integration, and much more. It depends on the needs of the Merchant and the website they are working with.

How does eMerchantPro work for your Business?

We work in 3 basic sequences for your high-risk business. The initial one is getting in touch with you and getting the credentials. Next, our expert team gets in touch about the features, charges, fees, etc. and last will be closing the deal with the solutions according to your needs and demands.

What are the Charges and Fees?

The charges are accounted for when the credentials are sent to us. It variably depends on the business and its transactions. The fees will be conveyed to the merchants as soon as they contact us in any possible way.

Do you have special features for Chargebacks?

Of course, we have chargeback management features to ensure that any fraudulent disputes are avoided. We want your business to run as seamlessly as possible. Therefore, any illegitimate dispute is avoided with our payment gateway.

Is there Transaction Security with your PSP?

Obviously, we have Person-to-Person Encryption. That keeps all the sensitive data safe and secured. Ensuring no hacker can get into the payment processing channel to phish out any sort of sensitive information.

What are the benefits a business gets from all the features?

There are various benefits that will be able to reap with our features. Global Reach, Instant Approval. Easy and Smooth Integration, 24 x 7 support, Personalized Merchant Assistance, Top-Notch Security, etc.

This will help your business to bloom out from other competition. You provide your consumers with Convenience and they will reward you with loyalty.

Why should you Choose eMerchantPro for your high-Risk Business?

98% approval rating does speak for itself. Moreover, we have 100% success rates, multiple solutions, scalability, Easy Integration, and a huge satisfied clientele. eMerchantPro boasts a professional in-house team that potentially completes every task with precision.

Therefore, for High-Risk businesses, we offer some of the best features and benefits that bring the corporation’s best.

What and Why do merchants need to share documents?

We require KYB and KYC to get easy and fast approval. We follow industry standards to protect the privacy of the Merchants. A complete set of all required documents increases the chances of getting the best rates and terms from the acquiring banks. Moreover, It will help us to set your payment gateway swiftly.