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eCommerce Payment Gateway Solutions

eCommerce Business is booming but getting a payment processing solution is pretty hard. Therefore, you need to choose the best payment and merchant service providers. The industry requires multiple solutions for processing online payments. Furthermore, to establish a digital presence around the marketplace, the profoundness of an expert service provider is a major requirement.

Hence, the eCommerce Payment Gateway Solutions offer advanced solutions to process credit card payments along with multiple other modes of payment. It sets up your brand and helps you bring revenue to the business.

What about the Merchant Services?

The Merchant Account is one of the most important aspects of online business. Top-of-the-line security and a track record of protecting consumer and business information will be the hallmarks of top-quality eCommerce merchant service providers. Discuss your options to protect credit card fraud using eCommerce fraud protection.

It is crucial to find the best eCommerce merchant service for your business. You need to be aware of key features, regardless of whether you run a restaurant, shop or company that does eCommerce. You can find the right eCommerce payment processing merchant account by understanding which merchant providers are best suited to your needs. eMerchantPro provides eCommerce Solutions for all types of businesses and verticals.

Payment Solutions for eCommerce Business

eCommerce can be defined as the exclusive use of digital channels to buy and sell products or services. There are three types of eCommerce. The most popular is online shopping. Online shopping allows consumers to order a variety of products and make their payments online. B2B (business to business) is another category where manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers exchange products and/or services. The next category is eCommerce, which involves transactions between consumer and consumer (C2C) via online platforms such as Etsy or eBay.

The US eCommerce market generated $409.2 billion last year. Experts expect another $461.5 million in eCommerce sales by 2018. Sales are expected to increase by 38% by 2022. Recent studies show that 96% of Americans have used the internet at least once and that 4 out 5 Americans have bought online in the past month.

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How Credit Card Processing is seamlessly providing hassle-free solutions?

eCommerce is becoming as popular as in-store shopping. 51% of Americans say that online shopping is their preferred method to shop. Every year, eCommerce takes a larger share of the sales pie. If you’re one of the many businesses that use an online platform for selling goods and services, it is important to have an eCommerce merchant account and a high-risk eCommerce credit card processor. The online merchant shouldn’t take a large percentage of your credit and debit card sales. Before you launch your business, ensure you have the right eCommerce payment processing solutions. eMerchantPro is your online payment processing solution.

How eMerchantPro’s Services offer better solutions?

Online retailers make it so easy to be a consumer and purchase goods and services. It might prove difficult for eCommerce merchants, especially those with high-risk merchants, to accept debit and credit cards payments.

eCommerce merchants need reliable and secure payment processing. You should only do business with high-risk merchant account providers.

The past few years have demonstrated that both high-risk merchant account providers and low-risk providers are making changes in their business models. They have increased their security measures to reduce the risk of credit card fraud.

eCommerce Merchant Account Services

It can be difficult to find the right high-risk merchant account provider. You’ll also need one that can meet your specific needs. Once you have identified a business that qualifies, they will help you set up your merchant account.

eCommerce merchants often face high rates and numerous fees. These fees include a setup fee, and equipment fee and a new merchant gateway fee. These are just a few hidden fees merchants might encounter with payment processing companies. Additional fees may include access fees and monthly support fees.

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eMerchantPro’s eCommerce credit card processor will allow you to accept credit cards directly from your website using simple integrations. Our solutions enable business owners to take their business to new heights

Our Ecommerce Merchant Accounts help your business

  • All shopping carts supported
  • Multiple option payment gateways
  • Free eMerchantPro payment plugin modules
  • Management and alerts about chargebacks
  • Robust reporting, Fraud-prevention

Our affordable eCommerce merchant services and online payment processing for credit cards seamlessly integrate with your eCommerce payment processing platform. This allows customers to have a seamless and secure online shopping experience. Start your online shop by using the right eCommerce credit processor to avoid having your merchant account frozen. eMerchantPro is also a leader in the eCommerce payment processing market.

With a focus on low prices, we help web-based companies achieve their sales goals. We ensure that your transactions are safe and provide white-glove support.

Influence on your Adult Merchant Account due to the High-Risk Factor

Looking for an adult merchant account?




  • 100+ Proven Bank Relationships
  • Medium/High Risk Accounts
  • Fast Account Approval
  • Large Merchant Case Studies
  • E-Commerce and Retail Adult


  • Chargeback Prevention
  • ACH
  • E-Check
  • Credit Cards
  • 3D Secure Frictionless Checkout
  • Mobile Payment
  • EMV Readers


  • Gateway Recurring Billing
  • Vault
  • E-Commerce Cart Plugins
  • Developer API / Docs
  • POS/Terminals(On Demand)
  • International Merchant Accounts
  • Dedicated Account Managers