High Risk Payment Gateway USA

What Makes Casino High-Risk Payment Gateways Significant In The USA?

In 2020, the value of online gambling in the United States was USD 2,178.29 million. According to a prediction, its CAGR is expected to be at 17.34% between 2021-2026. This includes casinos also. After the pandemic, the closure of casinos and other gambling places gave a sudden shift to gambling from offline to online. Now, when it comes to online casinos, we know a lot of money needs to get transferred. The safety of these multiple transactions is very important.

High-risk payment gateways facilitate the protected travel of money online during a transaction. Many other daily operational obstacles for a high-risk business like a casino keep creating issues. The payment gateways especially designed for unsafe businesses change the circumstances for good and help a merchant survive.

The core role of an online casino high-risk payment gateway

In simple words, a high-risk payment gateway transfers money between the merchant and the customer through online modes However, in this process, varied aspects are involved. For example, it is a well-known fact that a gambling merchant needs a merchant account. This account is provided by an acquirer bank.

The payment gateway becomes the bridge not only between the casino players and the casino but also connects to the acquiring bank. The money paid by a customer reaches the merchant account through the payment gateway only. When the merchant wants to withdraw the funds, the acquiring bank sends the money through the same payment gateway.

Online casinos receive billions of dollars from their players on daily basis. Also, a casino needs to make refunds and chargebacks frequently. For that, it needs a safer and smarter bridge through which the money can transfer without any stress and mess.

Features of a high-risk payment gateway in the USA

With many features, a high-risk gateway solves all sorts of issues related to payment processing. In the United States, casinos are already in threat due to strong laws against the online gambling industry. While creating a bridge for payment between the customer and the merchant, it commits to offer an uncompromised experience to both.

  • 3D Secure Gateway – To make sure that the casino players play in a protected atmosphere and make safer payments, payment gateways in the US, use 3D technology. The customers can make a payment but only when they fill in the authentication code sent on their mobile phones. This gives another shield of security and helps reduce chargebacks.

The payment gateways without 3D technology can accept payments only with a card number and expiry date. But such transactions are prone to fraud. It is the reason that high-risk businesses like online casinos in the US use 3D technology-backed payment gateways.

  • Seamless Integration of Tools – The high-risk payment gateway in the USA not only facilitates payment processing but also integrates multiple online tools. It helps in daily operations. The integration includes ERP suites, CMS platforms, POS software, accounting software, etc. that are installed with the payment gateways. This facility has given manifold strength to online casino merchants.

If you are looking for a high-risk payment gateway for your business, you must search for the option with effective integration performance. eMerchantPro provides the payment processing gateway with a limitless integration facility to make the merchants operate smoothly on daily basis.

  • Detailed Reporting of Transactions – For better-informed decisions for the business, you need to know the nook and cranny of the money transactions. A detailed report that displays the recent and the current record helps understand the business performance in a better manner.

With regular and detailed reporting, you can understand the financial behaviour of the players. Also, you can spot the track of how your company is doing for the last several months. Gather the reporting records and make more futuristic plans for the company’s growth. After all, every business or individual needs to know it’s current and past to make its future better.

  • Smooth Pay-Ins and Payouts – A high-risk payment gateway should be able to provide hassle-free pay-ins and payouts. The players pay for gambling and receive reward money for wins. In both situations, the transactions should be fast and smooth.

It is very easy for an online casino to lose many customers in one night if its pay-ins and payouts have the slightest flaw. With eMerchantPro you will never face any issue as due to experience of years in the same industry, the payment gateway company has become an expert. Money is the most precious asset for a business and it is vital to ensure its smooth travel between the merchant and the casino.

As online casinos have clients from all over the world, an international high-risk payment gateway is the ultimate need of every casino business. With all the above features, it is easier for any company in the online gambling industry, to operate easily and flourish.


High-risk payment gateways in the U.S are enhancing in technology and features. However, indeed, they are also somewhere facing challenges because online casinos have suddenly increased after the covid-19 pandemic. But at the same time, these payment gateway companies have the vast opportunity to exploit the wide market. eMerchantPro has worked with multiple online casino merchants knows what you need and how to implement it.