Offshore Payment Gateway

Offshore Payment Gateway Global Reach of High-Risk Businesses

Do we need to discuss separately how difficult it is for a high-risk business to survive among multiple laws and regulations? No, certainly not. With many challenges, a high-risk business not only survives but also makes efforts to extend to new places. But that is not possible without due support and arrangements.

As we know, payment gateways are vital for companies from high-risk industries. The global reach can be attained with less stress through an offshore payment gateway for high-risk merchants. You can literally count the benefits of such a payment gateway and can plan how your business should grow across the world.

Global Reach Comes Through Reduced Expenses

A high-risk business always deals with high-cost issues. Whether it is about taking the permission to operate in a particular area or paying high to get a merchant account. A payment gateway with offshore operation reduces expenses for such businesses.

The merchants can reduce expenses on taxes and also the foreign exchange fees. If you are a merchant from a risk-prone industry, you can surely understand the relief such things offer to a business owner.

Factors in an Offshore Payment Gateway that Helps a Business Achieve Global Reach

The following factors can convince you of the significance of a payment gateway offshore solutions in making a world-class reach of a business.

Offshore Gateway is Compliant with All Currencies – These gateways can process payment in any type of currency. The merchant can easily get payments from every country. Also, it can ask the payment gateway provider to add a new currency in case of business expansion. Due to cutthroat competition, a huge market exposure is vital. Not only the traditional currencies can be processed but even the cryptocurrencies now get acceptance from payment processors. Shouldn’t it be the reason for making an easier global reach for the merchants?

Support in Getting a Merchant Account– A payment gateway not only processes the money transactions but also helps to qualify for a merchant account. The payment gateways have a rich network of acquiring banks all over the world that provide an offshore merchant account to a merchant. They help the high-risk businesses get a new merchant account at a lower per-transaction cost to receive payments from customers. It can be extremely relieving for a high-risk business to be able to get it done as otherwise, it is a big task. The payment gateway provider takes all the stress of applying for such an account for you. It tells what changes to make in the business strategy and in the content of the business website to make it look appropriate to the acquirer banks.

3D Secure Frictionless Checkout – First concern of a high-risk merchant is the security of the money transactions. It is vital to make international clients trust your brand in the market. Businesses are always prone to chargebacks and fraud. It is always necessary to ensure the safety of the money of the customers. Otherwise, losing customers is always common. But the 3D secure technology of offshore payment gateways gives security to every penny that travels across the network of the merchant, customer, and acquirer.

Comfort of High-Volume Processing– The businesses that process high volume on daily basis need to have an offshore payment gateway. For example – millions of casino players all across the world make online payments. They pay a hefty amount to try their luck in a casino. To process all this huge amount of funds, a merchant needs to look forward to safer payment processing. eMerchantPro has the caliber to make high-volume processing possible through convenient customized solutions.

Simpler Recurring Billing – The businesses like e-commerce and IPTV need to have the required payment processing infrastructure to get approved for recurring bills. For a company, the customer network needs to spread beyond geographical limits to flourish in the industry. To generate multiple bills and to receive money from the customers on a recurring basis, an offshore payment gateway is the most practical solution.

Offshore payment gateway ensures the convenient launching of a high-risk business in the global market. The commercial entities with big goals of expansion to new markets cannot operate practically without a strong processing system working behind them to manage transactions. The multiple features connected to the payment processing help a merchant implement safety measures successfully. eMerchant Pro, the payment gateway brand is a one-stop solution for all sorts of high-risk companies that want to grow bigger in size and operation.


Globalized human civilization keeps no bias while consuming products and services. If a merchant can exploit this opportunity, then he should have the proper arrangements and an offshore payment gateway is the first step towards it. Isn’t it?

If you are on a search expedition for a payment gateway, you can end it here because we have tailored payment processing solutions. Our team of experts is well-trained to equip merchants with the desired solutions. ACH payment processing, high-risk payment gateway, international merchant account, eCheck payment processing, credit card processing, etc. all are available to offer you relatable solutions.

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