International Payment Gateway

What is an International Payment Gateway? And whom to contact?

An International Payment Gateway will help you to process online payments. If you are doing fine in online business, why not offshore? Several merchants have decided to go global to expand their reach and target a big market.

So, you can go that far. You just need clear guidance and enough merchant services. Sitting on a desk and controlling your online business is hassling but a bit easy. You can ask someone who knows your surroundings.

Processing fees in your own country can be low because you might barely hit a risky situation. But when it comes to the outer world, it becomes more drastic than it seems. To earn higher returns one must pay a higher price. To do that you need to expand your business more.

Then you’ll become an offshore merchant. There are many reasons that you may need high-risk merchant services. The first one is that you might become a high-risk merchant. How’s that possible? Let us explain!

International Payments

An online business can give you the freedom to expand your viewpoint of how consumers like things to be. Now, the competition is hard enough to be called a massacre. Currency, card payments, online fraud, and chargeback, are the basic issues that come with online payments. And if you want to target the international market then you require the best services to complete the task.

In the international market, there is a lot to compete in. And payment facilities are one of them. Every business starts with money and ends with making money. So, the money factor here is worth mentioning. The other business departments can be easily handled with professional employees in the company. But to handle payment processing you require experts.

If you are serving international consumers, currency can be a burden on new merchants. So, you require a solution to be at par with it. Apart from that, while transacting globally card payments can be a good way to attract foreign consumers. And security is mandatory in this condition. So, why not try to get something best.

International Merchant Account & Payment Gateway

International merchant account

To receive online transacted payment from a website, you can get the help of an international merchant account. This merchant account has 3D security features for the protection of digital money. Also, it has the feature of fraud prevention tools to lessen fraud incidences.

The first characteristic of a high-risk business is that transaction fee is always high in such businesses. So, the local banks don’t support the high-risk businesses for merchant services. And this normal merchant account can get suspended after one or three chargebacks at most. But this merchant account is capable of enduring that much pressure.

International payment gateway

To transact payments internationally a merchant needs a secure payment gateway. For that, you can trust an international payment gateway. It has the feature of chargeback protection that can protect merchants from an unwanted chargeback.

Other than that, this payment gateway can accept payments in several modes. So, providing payment comfort facilities to consumers won’t be any heavy task.

An International payment gateway is best for you because:-

As you’ve already got told that the international payment gateway is payment processing software for payments, you can rely on it. This gateway can process online transactions with ease. And it can manage to work efficiently even after knowing about high transaction fees. So, now let’s see what else it can do for you.

Conversion Rates

The easiest way of increasing conversion rates is when you care about your consumers’ comfort. With this payment gateway, the transaction can process in seconds. Moreover, other processors may provide or may not, but this gateway provides the option of easy check-out.

This gateway lets the consumers complete the payment on one page. And this gives them the facility of completing the process in the shortest time. Isn’t that great?

No Extra Charges for Areas

When you start transacting payments offshore there are several kinds of fees that you have to pay for it. Those fees can be for currency conversion, convenience fees, and taxes. For that, this payment gateway can accept payments in various currencies.

So, you don’t have to pay any extra money for money conversion or such services. Also, your consumers will be able to buy your products in their currencies without any issues.

Fast Integration

Setting up this payment gateway for your websites is easy. And it can be integrated faster with the website to accept online payments. This gateway has the support of a high-risk payment processor to process high-rate transactions in seconds.

Also, you don’t need to worry about records of transactions. A real-time reporting system is featuring this gateway. And that can record transactions systematically.

Easy Payment Modes

Accepting credit card payment International payment gateway will be easy. This payment gateway can accept numerous modes of payment for the purchase. And with that, this gateway gives importance to card payments also.

Card payments can increase revenue on many levels. Also, card payments can give a push to any business. Most successful businesses acquire this method to accept payments globally. You can do it too.

Globally Connected

This payment gateway gives the chance to online merchants to connect to a global audience. With its amazing features, providing comfort to the consumers isn’t a big issue. Also, after connecting to a big number of audiences you can transact payments from anywhere.

This can help you to expand your business and promote it in other nations too.

Online Payments Issues

Online payments issues come with offshore transactions. Be it chargeback, fraud, or payment failure. Neither you can permanently stop them from emerging again, nor can you step back. This gateway has a chargeback management system to handle chargeback claims.

Also, it has the support of fraud prevention tools to fight online fraudsters. With that, we’re not leaving the payment failure issue behind. For that, this gateway has the backing of several acquiring banks.

Secure Payments

Oh! Do you need a secure payment solution for your payments? That is only possible with a secured service. Find a PSP who has been certified by PCI DSS. Every payment service provider who has this certificate can lend you the best services with enough security.

Whom Should You Contact?

For these merchant services, you can contact an International payment service provider. It’ll be great if you’d be able to get into contact with someone like them. That’s because those who are already working in the market surely have the knowledge and experience of that place. So, you can contact a PSP who’s working in a high-risk industry.

“Time is money” it’s the first thing you should keep in mind. So, without wasting any time contact us. Who are we? We’re International payment gateway providers. Also, we got the experience of dealing with various types of business sectors. So, you need not worry about our experience. Why us? Let’s find out!

Why eMerchantPro is best For You?

If you want a payment gateway for international payment you can come to eMerchantPro. For many years, we’ve been providing merchant services to several nations. And with our consumer support team, dealing with impatient consumers is easy.

We got the certification from PCI DSS of level 1. And that means we’re serious about protecting our consumers from any misconduct. So, you can trust our words.

Although you may not need any other services since we’ve told you about our best services for your business, you can visit our blog section. You can find there many articles and blogs related to your demands. Drop a mail to catch up with us!


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