What is the best payment processor

Reliability & high-risk payment gateway provider!

The credibility of a high-risk payment gateway provider can’t be judged by branding.But the features, that his services provide can prove their credibility.An e-merchant needs a reliable partner that can provide them with the service they want.

While finding a reliable PSP, first, the merchant needs to check whether the PSP supports high-risk or not.Then he needs to know whether the service provider actually offers the facility the merchant wants.One of the trustable brands in the USA is eMerchantPro.

The best quality about eMerchantPro is that we don’t show our performance via branding, rather that we do it via our services.


A Payment Gateway is a tool that helps in transmitting transactions from your website for providing you with its processing;while a Payment Processor is a part of this tool that contains all the power of the tool you would use, the best payment processor depends upon the network of the service providers. Most of the internal payment issues arise when the banks couldn’t possibly provide the services in time. However, with eMerchantPro, merchants don’t need to worry about such issues.

We have a massive network of acquiring banks. Features like smart routing and bank cascading can provide seamless and smooth transactions, along with efficient processing.

How does the merchant benefit from our high-risk payment gateway?

There are several reasons to choose a high-risk payment gateway for payment processing. Merchant will get several features that would provide convenience to their consumers too. Some of them are mentioned below.

Multiple-Currency Option

Connecting with a big number of consumers can be amazing if you had the right services. With the option of multiple currencies, the merchant will be able to accept online transactions in several currencies. That would make it easier to provide products in several countries without any issues.

On top of that, if consumers will be able to buy products in their own currency then they’ll refer the merchant’s website to other people also.

Smart UI

The smart interface of this payment gateway will help the merchant to interact with the software with ease. This way the faster he’ll get to know about the features the more he’ll gain efficiency & better control.

Alternative Modes of Payment

With this payment gateway, the merchant will have more than handful modes to accept orders online. The options will provide more convenience to the consumers which will be more profitable for the business of the merchant.

The options would be –Internet Baking, Mobile banking, E-wallets, and many more. The merchant will get the chance to provide the products for a large community.

Credit Card Processing

There are many such businesses in the world that don’t accept payment from cards, so they have only a limited list of customers. But our payment gateway can accept payment from any card. This will facilitate that many customers in the world will be able to buy the merchant’s products.

Credit card processing will become much easier when merchants will get help from several acquiring banks. So there won’t be any issue related to payment processing will arrive.

24*7 Live Reporting

The merchant will receive an alert for every single transaction. So he would be able to manage a systematic track record. Most importantly, even if somehow an issue occurs in the payment processing merchant will receive an immediate alert. That would be about that the merchant’s payment processing system is having an issue.

In the meantime, the merchant will have the time in which he can take a decision to get things in control. Now the merchant will be able to save themselves from a big loss.

Fraud security

Online fraudsters target websites that do not have strong supporters. But eMerchantPro will not back down in such a situation. Our payment gateway will run many protocols as soon as it detects that a transaction is suspicious.

If the payee details match with the cardholder’s details, the payment will be made immediately. Otherwise, the payment will be stopped immediately. This will ensure that neither the cardholder will suffer any loss nor the finger will be raised on the merchant’s business. We consider it our responsibility to protect the merchant’s goodwill.

With eMerchantPro, merchant will get

Chargeback Protection

Consumers surely have the convenience to return the product in a time period. It is valid if the consumer has a valid reason to do so. But if someone is returning the product and the condition of the product doesn’t match the conditions mentioned on the policy then it is a big issue.

The merchant has to suffer because of this many times. But eMerchantPro is in the active state for the merchant’s safety too. If we find out that the claim is for a valid reason then the money would be refunded in 2-3 business working days. If it’s not then the consumers would be offered the option of replacement.

Customer Support

In case the Merchant faces any difficulty in using any of the facilities or has any query regarding the Services, time will not be a problem. They can ask for whatever they want. Our experts will handle the situation and make sure that the merchant can get satisfaction. Apart from this our experts are professional at handling consumer disputes. So there won’t be an unwanted issue.

Global Connection

eMerchantPro will guide the merchant on how they can better present their brand’s products in the international market. The service of your online payment processing from eMerchantPro will help the merchant to build a strong network of consumers.

Millions of consumers are waiting for new products in the international market. The only thing merchant has to do is present their goods & services in the best way they can. Earning trust for a brand will be easy when you got the support of a reliable partner.


Sensitive consumer data is a major concern for a businessman. But with eMerchantPro, he doesn’t need to stress over it. eMerchantPro holds PCI DSS Level 1 certification. Our strong security also makes us a reliable partner for merchants’ data security.

Our whole team is strictly abided by the rules & regulations set by the PCI DSS. It is only to make sure that the merchant’s consumer’s data may stay safe. With eMerchantPro the merchant will get a safe and sound environment.


eMerchantPro has been providing merchant services to several companies/brands. A variety of brands let us learn several tactics to increase the merchant’s growth. Merchant will get several beneficial services that would increase their productivity.


The international market has a wide range of companies providing merchant services. But why should a high-risk merchant trust eMerchantPro? The reason is quite simple, eMerchantPro is providing high-risk merchant services in several countries and with our best-in-class solution that we created delicately for high-risk business, and we hope that you would find your home here

We specially provide our services in high-risk industries. The experience of many years makes us a reliable partner merchant can trust. We know many tricks to overcome the obstacles in the way of achieving success.

To get more info about our other services merchants can visit our blog section. Or merchant can drop a mail to get his own high-risk payment gateway.


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