Benefits of High-Risk Payment Gateway for the High-Risk Businesses

Benefits of High-Risk Payment Gateway for the High-Risk Businesses

A high-risk payment gateway allows your business to process all the online payments on your site. A high-risk business is straightforwardly denied a merchant account by conventional banks. Moreover, a conventional payment service provider denies a payment processing channel as well. It is due to the high-risk factor of the business.

Thus, you need an experienced payment service provider such as eMerchantPro for your business. Various features will impart benefits to your High-Risk businesses. It will be a hassle-free job for your website to process the online payments with our payment gateway.

What are the features that eMerchantPro provides the Merchants?

Our payment gateway is equipped with:

  • Global Card Saving: The feature for the consumers to save their transactional details for future payments. It helps to process further payments seamlessly with the payment gateway. It is a huge hassle to enter all the payment details again to start with the payment processing. Therefore, we have the global card saving feature for your business.
  • Security: The best security is ensured while processing payments. It allows the payment gateway to be a safe environment to enter sensitive information and the transfer of funds. Our payment gateway is PCI Compliant Level 1 with SSL Certification. It ensures complete security.
  • Fraud Prevention Tools: Various tools create several checkpoints for the consumers. It allows us to catch fraudulent activities on the payment gateway. Various fraud prevention tools work on the payment gateway to ensure that the transaction is genuine. Fraudulent transactions can cost your company dearly.

Therefore, a payment gateway is equipped with various tools like AVS verification, CVV verification, OTP, device ID, fraud score, etc., which keep fraudsters away from your website.

  • Chargeback Management: High-Risk Businesses are businesses with a lot of chargebacks daily. Chargebacks cost the company and the acquiring bank your company is dealing with a lot of money. Therefore, managing chargebacks before they become an issue is vital.

A payment gateway with a powerful dashboard helps you manage chargebacks. You can automate responses, receive alerts, and make critical chargebacks for a better customer experience.

  • Multiple Currencies to Process: With a payment gateway, you can accept all major currencies on your website and thus reach a wider audience in less time.

In other words, you can prioritize consumer convenience. Allowing them to pay in their local currency provides more reliability in the business.

What are the benefits of getting a High-Risk Payment Gateway?

Some of the benefits of using a payment gateway are:

1 – Real-Time Transactions: Processing and reporting are done in no time. Payment processing doesn’t stop with real-time transactions. Update transaction details in a split second to ensure the entire channel is preserved.

RealTime Transactions is especially important as it records data on the fly. You have to worry about the backlog of transactions if any.

2 – Process online payments: High-Risk businesses need to accept online payments for generating revenue for the company. No matter if it is an eCommerce business or a Forex, every high-risk business needs a payment processing channel to accept payments.

eMerchantPro’s payment gateway can be quickly integrated into the website to readily accept online payments. Consumers can shop or avail of your services at any time.

3 – Automation of Payments: Conventionally payments were accepted via cash. In the present times, payment processing can be automated. The smart cutting-edge technology of the payment gateway can help your business to accept payments without human interaction.

It significantly reduces human error in the system. Any obstacle in the payment processing channel can be easily taken care of with the expert team.

4 – Complete Merchant Assistance: eMerchantPro ensures that the merchant gets exactly what they need. Every website has some unique characteristics and so does the payment gateway. According to the needs of high-risk businesses our advanced plugins can help you in better payment processing.

Request a callback from our professional team to resolve every need of your business. They will provide a more specific answer to your call.

5 – 24 x 7 Support: eMerchantPro will never leave your side at times of dire need. Therefore, our in-house team is ready to support you regarding the payment processing. We understand that payments are not your major forte.

Thus, we will be here when you need any aid from our side

What is eMerchantPro offering your high-risk business?

To sum up, eMerchantPro world-class services come with a 100% Approval Rating. We have a huge clientele and many positive feedback for our payment processing channel. We are offering the best-in-class services for your business.

We use advanced API, SDKs for quick integration of the payment processing channel. All the features for your business can be customized with the plugins that we have. We made various technological advancements in these years. Thus, we will make sure that the transactions are secured and seamless. Reach us to get a personalized solution for your business.