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What can you get with a High-Risk Payment Gateway?

A high-risk payment gateway is a perfect solution for online payment processing. This payment gateway eases the process of online transactions for the e-merchant. Well if we talk about the features you’ll get with it, then we can say a lot. But some of them are the basic need for an e-merchant, for example – multi-currency transactions, APM, and online security.

Online business for high-risk merchants is beset with many online payment issues, the solution of which is a high-risk payment gateway. Problems like chargeback and online fraud can seem very complicated. But they can be resolved with a reliable PSP.

eMerchantPro is an experienced PSP who has served in the high-risk industry. And we have provided high-risk merchant services to many merchants.

If you are looking for a fast and secure payment gateway then our high-risk payment gateway is the best option for you. eMerchantPro has LVL 1 certification of PCI DSS and we strictly follow the data security rules and guidelines. Therefore, the merchant does not have to worry about the data.

What are the high-risk factors?

  • High chargeback ratio

Several businesses are affected by the issues of multiple chargebacks. The reasons are unacceptable. Some of the claims were not fully verified causing huge losses to the merchant. “Oh, come on! You do not believe it right?”

You can’t believe a business can lose money just because of chargeback. Isn’t it! But that’s the bitter truth. It is simple as you can see. The fact is those low-level payment providers are not so reliable for Chargeback defense.

  • Substantial Frauds

Many financial institutions refuse to provide merchant services to certain merchants. This only happens because of online frauds. The business owns a website and fraud happens but due to when your business isn’t compliant with your promised quality service.

Now the merchant’s and customer’s sensitive information is at stake. And your company’s reputation is also at stake.

  • Lack of Financial Stability

Companies that don’t have financial stability are more prone to risk. Banks prefer to avoid such companies because if one can’t maintain his own capital then how can he grow in the future. Financial stability makes all resources available in the future for the businessman always. With the help of a stable capital you can grow in the future and make profits.

  • Offshore Transactions

Offshore transactions are one of the high-risk factors that affect businesses. It depends upon fluctuating exchange values that’s why offshore transactions are considered to be one of the high-risk factors. But do not worry! “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Our high-risk payment gateway will fully assist you with payment processing.

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Who will get this payment gateway?

Not each & every business is considered under the category of high-risk. But some businesses with a lack of standard business conditions come under this category. Chargeback, offshore transactions, and online fraud are those factors that affect such companies. To reduce that, they need a reliable partner that can provide the right solution to them.

But rather than the right solution they go for the best and fast solution. In everyday life, people walk too fast and that’s not perfect for every scenario. Sometimes slow & steady growth is much better than faster & furious growth.

Payment gateway, a software that helps the merchant to approve online payments from a website. It not only provides the convenience of collecting online payment but also provides many supporting merchant services too. Merchant services are essential for merchant’s growth

Why our payment gateway is attached to high-risk?

Our expertise is providing payment processing services to high-risk businesses. And financial institutions don’t provide such businesses with merchant services. That’s why the solution is a PSP that provides high-risk payment gateway to high-risk merchants.

Features of our high-risk payment gateway

  • Multi-currency support

This high-risk payment gateway provides you the convenience of multi-currencies acceptance. No matter in which country your business associates. Now, you’ll be able to accept your online payments in multi-currencies.

  • Top-Notch Security

Although the concern for the security of the business is too high for businesses, they can depend on us. We’ll tell you the difference between an inexperienced PSP and an experienced one. An inexperienced one tries to impose services no matter if the merchant needs them or not.

The experienced one looks for every aspect of the merchant’s business. And he tries to reduce the harmful parts of the merchant’s business life. eMerchantPro is a reliable partner. We have the Level 1 certification of PCI DSS, and that proves our credibility.

  • Global Card Saving

Now, your customers don’t need to worry about filling in your details again and again. Dealing with such issues makes customers inconvenient sometimes. And this much is enough to lose patience and search for an ulterior option. But with Global card saving, customers get the option to save their cards on the website. With this option, the customer will get convenience at online shopping.

  • Easy Checkout Option

The thing that is very precious to anyone or everyone is “time”. Timing is the one and the only thing that can earn you a big sum or make you lose every single penny you have. The issue here for the customer is those unlimited pages. They arrive whenever the customer tries to pay for their selected item. But with our payment gateway, they’ll get the option to pay on a single page. There will be no extra page arrival.

  • Fraud Prevention

Most ill-minded people use tricks to get the information of any innocent person. And through that person’s card information they try to shop online. The time they try to make payments via the information some local payment processors just ignore the fact that it can be a fraudster.

It can be someone who is trying to make payment from someone else’s card. In this condition, our payment gateway will run many tools to see that the card payment is done by the same person who’s the cardholder or not. If the system asks for some details for payment and the data don’t match the original info of the cardholder the payment will decline right away.

  • Chargeback Protection

Chargeback is the biggest risk factor of high-risk for a business. Businesses have to pay too much for those chargebacks. Now to counter them PG will look up to many things. The PG will first check the claimant’s statement and the terms and conditions associated with the chargeback. If the claim matches the scenario in which a refund is certain, the money will be refunded. Otherwise, a replacement will be proposed.

  • Tokenization

Tokenization is the process of converting sensitive data into non-sensitive data. It is for a better payment processing solution. Security is one of the major parts for concerns of any business. Therefore, the payments are processed through an encrypted channel. However, if there is a breach in the channel, the data can be easily stolen, which is highly unacceptable for highly respected brands.

Therefore, to keep the data safe from hackers they do the next step. The sensitive data of the consumer’s payment details are converted into 14 digit non-sensitive data. It keeps the processing of the payments smooth and removes the hassle of breaches and hacks.

The process allows the payment gateway to convert the data and provide a token to the consumers for faster and secure payment processing.

  • Point To Point Encryption

The channel on which the details of transactions are going to be sent via the payment processor will be secured with this feature. By Point to point encryption, we mean the information of the transaction will get encrypted from both ends. So, the Data breach is never going to happen again.

  • Multiple- Factor Authentication

As responsible PSP, we take care of every little detail that can harm the merchant in any condition. With our PG you’ll get the support of multiple factor authentications. It means complete safety from all fraudsters.

Why you should choose eMerchant Pro?

  • Why we are the best option?

Several years of experience make us the right option for your business. You surely ask about the best of all. But we’ll still say when you’re getting the right one then why are you going for the advertized best. We know when to give in and when to give up.

That’s the difference between a leading company and a competing one. Most of the features of both companies are the same. But the competing company loses when you know the timing to hit on the right spot. With our experience & services, your winning chances would increase and that’s what we want.

  • What do we offer?

We offer a lot of services but above all them, the two are main. Those services are Payment gateway and merchant account. A PG is used to accept online payments and the merchant account is to receive online payments.

Rather than other PSPs, our payment gateway amazes the merchant with many facilities. Some of them are – accepting online payments in many currencies, alternative payment modes, and so on.

  • Easy integration option

We use API; it helps computer software to communicate with each other. For the mobile application integration, our payment processing channel can be integrated via SDK. With HPP, customers will be redirected to an external payment page where they can pay for goods & services. And, the plug-in support will help you in the near future to add up on more features.

  • Complete merchant assistance

Since you have read so far, it means that you must be thinking about our services now. Most of the hard work and smart work will be done by our side. From your applying, for this high-risk payment gateway to the integration process, our experts will help you out. Don’t worry we’ll lead you to your success. You don’t need to sweat a lot.

  • 24*7 support

Even if it’s 12:00 am on the clock we’ll pick your call and answer your doubt. Our customer support is always ready for customer’s help at any time. Do you think that any question arising in your mind regarding anything about our service? Just make a call and clear your doubts without thinking twice.


eMerchantPro has the expertise of high-risk. We provide a seamless payment processing experience. With our several payment modes, the merchant will have the convenience of smooth payment processing.

The smart UI system with this payment gateway comes with a hassle-free system that makes it easy for you to operate all features. Our all services are easy to use and those will make each process smooth. We provide such services that streamline the whole payment process.

If you want to read about our other services you can go to our blog section. And if you have any questions regarding our services you can call our customer support that is always ready to help you out. To get your own High-Risk Payment Gateway you can drop a mail.