How to Win Big with a High-Risk Payment Gateway?

A High-Risk Payment Gateway is what a business needs to be widely competent in the hungry market. However, the high-risk nature of your business can be a downside because many banks deny merchant accounts and many PSPs deny Payment Gateway.

Nonetheless, your business must get a High-Risk Payment Gateway to begin the cycle of revenue. It is not just about the incoming of funds but is also about the security, reliability, and flexibility of a payment gateway that adds to your business.

The High-Risk sector comprises eCommerce as well but is not limited to it.

On one hand,

“eCommerce will make up 22% of global retail sales by 2023”

suggested by BigCommerce

And on the other hand, you need a High-Risk Payment Gateway to manage the sales for it.

How can your High-Risk Business grab profits?

Profits are not just about the revenue that your company brings in. Convenience to the consumers will profit your business in the long run as well. “Consumer convenience fosters loyalty” and Payment Gateway is a great product to instigate consumer convenience for your business.

eMerchantPro offers some of the unique features that not only add value to your business but will also provide convenience to your consumers related to the payment processes. Payments form an important part of everyone. It involves hard-earned money and we care for all the transactions that happen in and out of the payment gateway. Therefore all the features are tailored according to every High-risk Business’s requirements.

What are the features that will help your business?

Our High-Risk Payment Gateways are equipped with tonnes of features. It will be a protection barrier as well as a helpful partner:

  1. Security: A payment processing channel from eMerchantPro is secured for every payment process. With PCI Compliance, 3DS and Non-3DS, SSL Certification, etc. all the payment processing is free from any third-party eyes.

Moreover, it is the initial protection that influences end-to-end encryption of sensitive data. PCI Compliance is marked on our payment gateway and will relieve your consumers of the worry of insecurity.

  1. Diverse Modes of Payment: Multiple modes of payment are quite necessary today. Everybody wants to pay through different modes.

Some prefer Credit or Debit Cards, Net Banking, eWallets, or eChecks to pay online. More modes of payment mean more reliance on your business. Either it is forex or Online Casinos, Betting, eCommerce, etc. multiple payment methods allow the consumers to pay swiftly and seamlessly.

  1. Multi-Currency Support: Multiple countries you want to reach have different currencies to work with.

“Cross-border shopping will make up 20% of eCommerce in 2022, with sales of US $630 billion,”

says Forrester Data.

That means your business needs to be equally strong through the cross-border roots. Multi-Currency Support will allow your business to reach a wider audience as well as reach a greater mark without giving a second thought about the currency they are working with.

  1. Deceit Barrier: As simple it is to understand, fraudulent activities are quite common in the online market. Hence, all the transactions should be completed with the idea of fraud in mind.

eMerchantPro provides superior quality fraud protection services for the payment gateway you need. Instant termination of the payment process happens as soon as someone tries to input deceit information.

  1. Real-Time Transactions: The transactions are processed in real-time. In other words, real-time transactions refer to the type of transactions that happen swiftly, seamlessly, and without any hurdles.

We process Real-time Transactions to keep the traffic out of the picture. This ensures that the payment processes are never stuck and the complete channel is clear all the time for more payments to come through.

  1. Credit Card Processing: Credit cards are still one of the most preferred payment methods of all time. It is substantially chosen over the other because of the ease of payment and the convenience to convert the payments into EMIs.

That’s why we have a dedicated credit card processing channel for more secured, reliable, and flexible credit card payments.

  1. Complete Assistance to the Merchants: eMerchantPro offers complete assistance to all the merchants who need a merchant account and a high-risk payment gateway for their business.

It enables our clientele to choose the best features for their business and use our plugins for the same. It is unique to every merchant who comes to us for the solutions.

What did we offer you?

Summing it up, the high-risk business sector is seeing a change as every day passes. It is high time that your business gets a payment gateway to conquer all the payment processing needs.

It will boost your company’s integrity and consumer base. Moreover, with our affordable pricing, reliable features, secure payment gateway, and Flexible benefits your business will soon be able to spread all over the world. These are the dire times for your online business to outgrow other competition.

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