Travel Agency Merchant Account

Travel Agency Merchant Account for securing the transaction process

eMerchant Pro offers Travel Agency Merchant Account to the businesses dealing in Travel industry business. An affordable and reliable merchant account is necessary to get secure business dealing. It is a high-risk business by the acquiring banks. eMerchant Pro offers services to all sections of the industry whether you are dealing in a hotel, airlines, travel agencies, hospitality etc. can look for our services.

As a high-risk business, a suitable merchant account is vital to secure your transaction processes. eMerchant Pro can guide you to success with the help of experts who are keen to assist you in your business. You can approach us and get services from our experts.

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A credit card gives immense transaction to travel merchants

Credit card with Travel Agency Payment Gateway plays a significant role to enhance the transaction process. With credit cards as a solution for your business, you can increase the sales capacity of your business. You can look for better dealings and attain extraordinary benefits within a short span. Visa, MasterCard, JCB etc. offers an easy transaction process. With credit card processes, there is a diverse opportunity for travel merchants to grow their business both in national and international front. You do not have to wait for your payment to arrive from your customer’s end. It is an immediate way to process your payment.

Own credit card processing for your travel business and get immediate solutions within a short span.

High-risk gateway solutions create a secure transaction

High-risk gateway with Payment Gateway for Travel Agency is easy for elevating your transaction process. You can augment your business dealings with secure gateway processes such as 2d and 3d. You can look for an exceptional solution through high-risk solutions. High-risk gateways protect your business with a safe transaction and make you of scams and charge-backs. Here, your business info is safe and secure and other sorts of tech support tools to manage the transaction process.

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Look for multiple currency options from eMerchant Pro

You can look for multiple currency alternatives with Merchant Processing for Travel Agents from eMerchant Pro and attain maximum benefits to speed up international business dealings. Multiple currencies like the UK Pound, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, European Euro, and various others are useful for your business. With international currencies, you can look for better prospects in your business. The demand for your industry increases because of international currencies and thus a huge gain in business. It attracts international clients to your travel website and with multiple currency options; it becomes easier to pay for their ticket. As a travel agency merchant, you can receive your payment instantly.

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Apply for a Travel Merchant Account

To apply for a Travel Merchant Account, businesses must have a good business. When you apply for a merchant account, submit an online application through our website or call us on our number. Submit all the supporting documents such as bank statements, a company record, and identity proof. Once you forward all the documents to us, we view your documents and send them to the acquiring bank. The acquiring bank goes through your documents and after viewing it offers a merchant account for your travel related industry. It takes 7-10 business days for you to avail a merchant account.

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