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Online Gaming Merchant Account Solutions

Online gaming’s global growth has been nothing short of unprecedented. We make payments easy and help you increase player conversions and sales, regardless of any gaming business you are into! Through the normal international card types (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, et al), domestic card types, as well as the ever-increasing number of alternative payment methods, we also allow the customer to connect with the payment platform.

The unprecedented growth of the online gaming industry accounts for an exponent lead for the Online Gaming Merchant Account and Payment Gateway. eMerchantPro ensures a smooth and successful run of your gaming business.

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Salient Additional Features of Online Gaming Merchant Account

  • Building your base by enhancing the experience of gamers
  • Making it simpler and quicker to collect payments
  • Acting with a partner who understands the industry’s needs
  • Reduce the expenses, speed up development and boost the experience of players with the right gaming merchant services

We have personalized merchant services at eMerchant Pro that meet the exacting demands of online gaming companies.

Increase player figures by simplifying payments

Make sure to offer payment methods that are user friendly and trusted worldwide

Through over 50 alternative payment options, you can deliver the broadest range of payment methods. We provide a responsive payment experience. Our solutions functions with every device your customer is using. We ensure that our products help you to maximize each player’s revenue potential.

We also deliver multiple currencies, allowing you to quickly grow into new markets and reduce the rate of currency conversion.


Whether it’s one-click tokenization for quick, in-game payments, or recurring game subscription transactions, we build our merchant services around your unique business model.

We provide dedicated support at emerchant Pro from a team with decades of experience in the processing of payments and online gaming.

They will work with you to constantly fine-tune the methods of payment acceptance and improve conversion rates for customers.

Particularly with online gaming, many small transactions are produced and can often be charged by the respective banks with a much higher percentage fee. Through our network, however, we know which banks provide the best current deals and can allow the merchant to obtain the best leading rates on the market.

Higher expenses

Our international bank network allows you access to the most favourable rates and ensures that you have business resilience, working through several different Acquiring banks. All of which can be put on our gateway without the need for individual integrations, saving time and money.

Online Gaming Merchants Pay-out Options

Money has to be paid out when a player wins or wants money back from a pre-funded account rapidly and cost-effectively.

For pay-outs, ACH, physical debit cards, and virtual debit cards, there are three key methods online gaming companies use.

ACH credits for the same day are low-cost and secure. Depending on when the file is sent for processing, funds are credited to the bank accounts of players on the same or next day. ACH credits are a trusted payment receiving process. Many Americans have direct wage deposits and are comfortable with bank accounts receiving cash.

Funds for debit cards can also be disbursed. With this solution, via an ACH credit transfer of money, the funds are credited to a physical debit card.

It is also possible to make payments on a virtual debit card. A virtual debit card is equivalent to a standard debit card, but no physical card is provided. For online purchases, money credited to a virtual debit card may be used, but cannot be used at retail stores.

How would your company benefit from Online Gaming Merchant Accounts?

For online gaming retailers, the Online Gaming Merchant Account has many benefits as it meets the company’s requirements and provides companies with an effective credit card processing solution. It, therefore, needs secure and flexible payment transactions for online customers, as it is a high-risk company. The different aspects of it can help you with your business, such as:—

  1. Merchants are required to provide the availability of multiple currency features that can accept payments from a foreign customer.
  2. It will enable your company to have an advanced portal to manage your company that is acceptable and best labelled.
  3. Also, your company is allowed on your website to have a different payment choice mode. This will allow customers to use their preferred credit or debit card to make purchases.
  4. There is a wide variety of cards currently available on the market, such as Discover, Union Pay, American Express, Visa, Master, etc., and with all of these, customers are required to pay on the website. Moreover, consumers are more likely to visit the website once again with some adaptability.
  5. You get a greater degree of safety and security from theft or fraud.

Online Gaming Merchant Account Solutions

Data breaches are now typical problems faced by all users. And to provide a network that we can all trust to hold sensitive details such as credit card numbers, maiden name, pin, etc. With a merchant account facility, we get our business transactions done in a secure and protective environment.

Each transaction is followed by a safe server to ensure that all-important information is kept secure and protected, such as credit card numbers, phone numbers, email IDS.

The above are the benefits of choices for online gaming merchant accounts, without any second thought, merchants can contact us. eMerchant Pro ensures you to resolve and look after all your concerns.

Among players, online gaming has its craze! In online gaming, there are a lot of things to be done. Online gaming merchant accounts give you the ability to embrace and grow your customer base with payments. Only come over to us to get the best International merchant account services for online gaming.

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  • 100+ Proven Bank Relationships
  • Medium/High Risk Accounts
  • Fast Account Approval
  • Large Merchant Case Studies
  • E-Commerce and Retail Adult


  • Chargeback Prevention
  • ACH
  • E-Check
  • Credit Cards
  • 3D Secure Frictionless Checkout
  • Mobile Payment
  • EMV Readers


  • Gateway Recurring Billing
  • Vault
  • E-Commerce Cart Plugins
  • Developer API / Docs
  • POS/Terminals(On Demand)
  • International Merchant Accounts
  • Dedicated Account Managers