Payment Gateway for Processing Credit Card Payments

Credit Card Processing: It is Not as Difficult as you Think

One of the most evident and sort of payment processing is Credit Card Processing. For a company to accept online payments it is crucial that you get a payment processing channel through credit card processing. It is a basic necessity to establish an online business and generate revenue for your business.

eMerchantPro is known for the payment solutions for High-Risk Businesses. Credit Card Processing is the basic solution for your business to start with online payment acceptance.

How can a Payment Gateway Process Credit Cards for the Business?

The payment gateway works as a POS (Point-of-Sale) for the online payment through a card. The terminal of the payment gateway takes the three most valuable parameters into account.

  1. Accepting the Payment with Taxes
  2. Providing a secure environment with various checks
  3. Reporting through bills.

Therefore, Credit Card Processing through a Payment Gateway is more secure and convenient as compared to physical card payment.

What will be the Benefits of using a Payment Gateway for Processing Card Payments?

eMerchantPro’s Payment Processing Channel allows you to be free of worries. It takes the reliability, security, and convenience to process payments and we have it all.

  1. Security: A payment gateway from eMerchantPro is a secure environment. As it has 3 security protocols to ensure the safety of the consumers.
  • PCI DSS Compliance Level 1 with SSL Certification
  • 3D or Non-3D Payment Gateway according to the needs
  • Tokenization, P2PE to encrypt the sensitive data of the transactions
  1. Reliability: Relying on a third party for payments is a worry for many businessmen. But eMerchantPro’s customer base speaks for itself. We have a huge credential and a long lying of success rates for your business to safely complete all the payments. Moreover, Credit Card Processing is our forte and we take pride in it.
  2. Convenience: Providing convenience to the consumers is the first step for your business to outgrow your rivals. Consumers seek convenience and various features of the payment gateway for their convenience. Though they are not purchasing a payment gateway, they are indirectly reaping the benefits.

What are the Convenience Features?

The convenience that the consumers can feel through the payment gateway while credit card processing is:

  1. Multiple currencies and language support: Allowing the consumers to pay in their local currency and language brings the business close to the consumers. The consumers will get a better experience of payments as they can understand and pay at their own convenience.
  2. Global Card Saving: It allows the consumers to save their transactional information and pay in the future without entering the details again. Multiple payments and frequent payments can be completed smoothly with the global card saving feature.
  3. Easy Checkout: Redirections are hard on the consumers as they have to wait for one window to open and then for the other window to open. Therefore, it causes the consumers to leave the payment process midway. Businesses around the world see a huge consumer loss due to the redirections. However, eMerchantPro offers a single window to complete the payment. No Redirections Guaranteed!
  4. Accepting the credit cards: Choosing eMerchantPro ensures all the major credit cards can be accepted and processed. For example, China Union Pay, VISA, MasterCard, AmEx, Diners, JCB, etc. Moreover, the merrier is the motto behind accepting credit cards. Both debit and credit cards can be accepted and processed for a swifter and smoother experience for the consumers.
  5. Easy Integration: Using a payment gateway for credit card processing is easy and the integration process is quick. Using an offline mode for accepting cards is a huge hassle and a long process. Therefore, a payment gateway is surely going to save time. Easy Integration for eMerchantPro enables you to onboard the payment gateway to your website as soon as possible and start with the payment processing on it.
  6. Shopping Cart Integration: For eCommerce businesses shopping carts can also be integrated with the payment processing channel. It allows your consumers to add the products to the shopping cart and checkout easily with the payment gateway as per the requirements.
  7. Customizability: It is a convenience feature for you as a businessman. You can customize the look of the payment gateway according to the company’s needs. In other words, you can add logos, change the font color or style according to your needs. It will enhance the consumer experience for your business.

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, credit card processing is one of the best ways to start with online payment processing. It gives a boost to the business and aids you to establish a brand. Your business can process the payments to your acquiring bank for the revenue to generate. Therefore, it is crucial;l for your business to start with online payment processing.

Credit Cards are one of the most preferred modes of payment. Therefore, those who want to pay online will see a greater prospect for completing the payments online.