Features of Online Clothing Merchant Account

Online Clothing Merchant Accounts

It’s easy to start your eCommerce clothing website. What’s needed for online credit card payments is a hosting plan and a merchant account for the clothing business. You need to be able to accept credit cards. Either using traditional means (commercial account) or by payment brokers, if you are going to do business online.

Registering a merchant account for your business has several benefits in many ways. However, you need to choose the right merchant account service provider who understands your business needs. Additionally, offers and designs the best suitable payment processing solutions for your clothing business. You should be able to set up your hosting provider with all the tools you need to succeed. They should also be able to guide you around the clock, providing tutorials on how to handle each procedure. But what they can’t do for you is compete in producing it and pricing it.

eMerchant Pro is one such an account service provider that fulfills all your payment solutions needs under one roof.

Features of Online Clothing Merchant Account

Concurring prices and charges: our commercial account fee is free of charge. During the underwriting process, your rates and charges are determined by the acquiring bank. However, by visiting our rates and service fees page – you can get an overview of the fee that your commercial account will cost.

Safe treatment: Our 3D accounts are safe and secure for all online transactions. These accounts will also increase the safety of your business online, as well as the reduction of the risk factor.

If you want 3D processing for your business, just inform our account specialist.

Gateway for Payment: The PCI complies with our 2D payment gateway. 

This safeguards your customers’ credit card information. It also avoids fraud and identity theft. We have internally staffed technicians who work 24 hours a day to ensure your payment portal is always safe.

Our clothing trader account also features multi-currency processing, allowing you to sell products to customers worldwide.

eMerchant Pro merchant accounts also include real-time processing

eMerchant Pro merchant accounts also include real-time processing. It is important that you always know whether a transaction has been approved and/or refused by the issuing bank while running an e-commerce store. Our gateways are instantaneous transactions. In seconds you and customers receive the results of the transaction.

Online clothing shops have become a new Internet phenomenon. There are so many online shops that a customer always has to choose from. A customer always finds himself confused about who he should buy. In this competitive market, you have the best products tagged with the best affordable prices as an online clothing dealer. In addition, however, you also need to ensure that you are in a position to make it easier for your customers to pay for it from anywhere.

Processing payments with credit cards

In most online purchases customers often use credit cards or debit cards to pay for their customers, so that you can pay for them by card, as an online apparel dealer. In order to pay online by credit card or other such device, online clothing merchants must have a commercial online account. A retailer always has difficulties credit cards processing payments without an online clothing merchant account.

You need a trading account to allow your customers to pay easily and securely, regardless of whether you are an online merchant selling clothing, shoes and handbags etc.

However, it may not be as easy as it looks from outside to acquire a commercial account for your online clothing business. An online clothing company is generally regarded as a low-risk company by acquiring banks, but there are certain characteristics of your company that increase the risk factor. In this case, there are banks that can take your case for granted (despite a high risk to your business), but tend to charge huge amounts of processing fees and other costs, which can make it very costly for you to acquire and maintain a merchant account.

This is where commercial account services from eMerchant Pro come in. eMerchant Pro has years of background, making us one of the most trusted brands in supplying you with a requested merchant account at the cheapest price. For years, we have provided trading accounts for online clothing traders and other e-commerce dealers so that they can make payments for each sales product made easier.

How to set up an online clothing merchant account?

The business owner has to submit a request for a high-risk merchant account with eMerchant Pro and no application fee is involved to establish an online clothing merchant account with eMerchant Pro. Our partner acquiring banks is then sent the application. 

Usually, after receipt of an approval from the bank, 3 to 5 working days are required for our partners to check and authenticate your applications by a merchants account expert. Once all formalities have been approved and completed, your clothing merchant  account will be established within 24-48 hours.