eCommerce payment gateway for business in the USA

10 reasons why merchants in the United States prefer eCommerce payment gateways

Do you know why merchants in the US most prefer eCommerce payment gateways for their eCommerce business? Let us find out the reasons in this article to know more about eCommerce payment gateways.

For eCommerce in the US, customers have huge diverted towards online platforms over the last two decades. The ease and extensive use of the internet has convinced everyone to either look for online opportunities or find services or goods.

Merchants have also devised several opportunities to make money online. Businesses like eCommerce, Forex trading, Casinos, Gambling, etc., emerged with the increasing scope.

Reasons for preferring eCommerce payment gateways 

Yet, with the rapid growth of the business, competition has augmented. Ecommerce remains on the top of the list where merchants are making millions. It doesn’t matter if you sell shoes or have a grocery store. Accepting payments via eCommerce payment gateways is super cool.

Let us now get into the

  1. Quicker API Integration:

Many might not know what an API is and what’s its use? An API is a set of codes implemented on your store website to integrate payment gateways. They connect PSP to merchants for payment services. 

API allows eCommerce payment gateway service on the Merchant website. When this is done, you get the authority to offer your services while accepting money online. It hardly takes any time to start your payment services.

  1. Superfast processing:

Payment Gateway allows customers to make payments with credit and debit cards. Processing is generally the process of deducting money from a consumer account and sending it to a merchant’s account with validation. This procedure takes few seconds to complete.

Lesser time means quicker and superior processing. And this enhances the customer’s experience.

  1. Greater Payment Options:

The availability of more payment options fosters a larger audience. Payment with credit cards is one of the most preferred payment solutions. It allows convenience to international customers. 

Other methods of payments like Debit cards, e-wallets, UPI/QR, e-checks, ACH, internet banking, etc., are equipped in eCommerce payment gateways.

  1. High Volume Payment Processing:

Every business has got its unique requirements related to payments. For example, Forex Trading may need high scale payment processing while others like Tobacco, Escort Service might need less. To cater to every business demand payment gateways are customized. 

The eCommerce payment gateways have a high payment processing capacity. It is capable of processing simultaneous payments in variable currency. No matter which country you serve eCommerce payment gateways are the answer.

  1. Support foreign currencies:

Companies like Amazon and Wal-Mart, have operations in different nations. It is only possible if your payment gateway is capable of processing transactions in several currencies.

eCommerce payment gateways are acquainted with your global requirements. It can accept and exchange currencies from all over the world, regardless of where your business is located.

  1. Real-Time Monitoring of transactions:

Real-time transaction information is useful for quickly responding to consumer requests. Customers may become dissatisfied if services are delayed.

Businesses work hard to make the user experience as frictionless as possible. As a result of accurate payment reporting, businesses respond quickly. This boosts the company’s growth.

  1. Powerful Dashboard:

A powerful dashboard is essential to examine all financial aspects of a corporation. You can perform analytics and even export and import business data. It’s also crucial to keep track of all transactions, settlements, refunds, service charges, and so on.

This function aids in controlling and reporting all financial activities in any business.

  1. PCI-DSS Level 1 secure:

Security compliance is critical for preventing online threats and chargebacks. Your transactions will always be on the point of being scammed if you don’t have any preventive filters.

With PCI-DSS Level 1, eCommerce payment gateways are compliant in every manner possible, ensuring account security and avoiding chargebacks.

  1. Seamless Checkout:

The most crucial aspect of an online shopper’s experience is the checkout process. If it involves too many stages or requests too much information from your customers, they will abandon the sale.

As a result, you must make the checkout experience as simple, quick, and painless as possible.

eCommerce payment gateways come with seamless checkout. Customers can make payments easily and quickly with a smooth checkout procedure.

  1. Easy to get eCommerce payment gateways:

eMerchantPro offers the most promising and customizable eCommerce payment gateways. All payment options are supported, and the processing time is lightning fast.

Obtaining an eCommerce payment gateway was not always as simple as it is now. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we’ll provide the service at the most competitive prices. To know more read further.

Procedure to get eCommerce Payment Gateway

There are two methods for obtaining eCommerce payment gateways. Merchants can either go straight to Acquirers/ Banks or can contact eMerchantPro. We provide payment services to High-Risk merchants with guaranteed low prices.

Obtaining a payment gateway from Acquirers necessitates meticulous document authentication. The papers that acquirers demand may vary from one acquirer to another. They may also have different procedures for allocating Payment Gateways.

Merchants are frequently unprepared or claim to be unaware of the Acquirers’ criteria. Not every bank accepts partners with High-Risk Merchants. This is why the majority of acquirers reject merchant applications.

Enterprises must meet three basic criteria for payment services:

  1. Previous experience running a high-risk firm is a plus.
  1. Enough wealth to start a business or maintain financial stability with a large cash reserve.
  1. The record of Fraud and chargebacks.

If all three standards meet, merchants have a better probability of receiving payment processing services. Other than this there are various documents needed for getting an eCommerce payment gateway.

  1. Business Formation Documents
  1. Tax ID
  1. Incorporation details
  1. Business Owner’s ID with photo
  1. Bank Details with the statement
  1. Business office details
  1. Experience certificate, if any

Merchants struggle a lot with meeting the documents expectations of Acquirers. But this is not with us. We offer an eCommerce payment gateway comparatively faster requiring minimal documents

So don’t be hesitant to contact eMerchantPro for payment services. The most effective solution yields the most effective results. We are one of the most promising PSPs in the United States, and we care a lot about your High-Risk company.


Merchants who want to open an online eCommerce store will need eCommerce payment gateways. This can be helpful if your store has a large number of customers. Merchants may pay for your service online, making it very convenient for them. This payment gateway offers a variety of payment methods to suit the needs of all types of customers.

Merchants can move at breakneck speed thanks to eCommerce payment gateways. It enables quick and safe transactions. To know more about the costs and other features of this solution, contact us.