Comprehensive Online Dating Merchant Account Solutions

Online Dating Merchant Account

The popularity of online dating sites does not seem to be declining, but rather increasing. In addition to free services, many dating sites provide paid services or premium memberships. You can convert your free users into paying customers by enhancing the customer experience on your website and making it easier to pay. Because online dating comes under a high-risk industry. Finding a suitable payment service provider is more difficult for business owners. eMerchant Pro can be a perfect payment solution for your high-risk company, whether you have a dating platform or a smartphone app.

Why is the online dating industry considered high risk? 

The increased probability of chargebacks is the key reason why online dating companies come under high risk. 

Why is this the case? Customers are always dissatisfied with such a company because they cannot find what they are looking for. They often file chargebacks, accusing the merchant for failing to meet their standards. Since some consumers may have forgotten to cancel an existing subscription and still challenge the fees, the amount of chargebacks is on the rise.

Opening a Merchant Account for Online Dating Can Be Difficult

Dating sites are still considered a payment risk by many banks. Their fear of chargebacks often outweighs the success and benefit potential of an online dating site. Finding an online dating merchant services company to authorise your merchant account can be challenging.

High processing fees will make it difficult to run your company even though your account is accepted. You need a merchant services company that is knowledgeable about your industry and provides reasonable rates.

Payment service providers face a higher degree of risk when handling credit cards for dating sites. This is mostly due to the fickle nature of the consumers who frequent these pages, which can give merchants headaches while attempting to receive online dating credit card processing. Some customers can pay the monthly fee only to be underwhelmed by the available options or the overall performance.

Others can find a match quickly and decide to cancel their memberships because they no longer need the site. Some people have had poor experiences with other users, causing them to cancel their membership and request a refund. Chargebacks become a problem in both of these situations.

Unfortunately, any chargeback, whether true or not, has a negative effect on an online dating merchant account. A customer may have such a poor experience with a website that, rather than cancelling and demanding a refund, he or she simply calls their bank to have the order charged back.

Online Dating payment processing with eMerchant Pro

Approval with No Hassles

One of the most crucial steps in this process is selecting the right bank. You won’t have to go from bank to bank looking for approval if you start with the right financial institution.

eMerchant Pro has worked with a variety of banks and has experience with online dating merchant accounts.

Our experience will save you time and money by matching your company with a bank that understands your business model.

Low Interest Rates to Keep You Profitable

It won’t help you in getting an online dating account if you have to pay exorbitant fees. eMerchant Pro has formed relationships with the appropriate banks in order to provide you with competitive rates. The majority of our customers are able to obtain low credit card transaction rates.

Establish long-term trustworthiness

It takes more than getting accepted with good rates on the front end to be an effective online dating merchant. Charge backs and incidents of fraud will tarnish your reputation and raise your rates. If you have recurring problems, you will lose your account.

eMerchant Pro has a comprehensive set of fraud and risk management tools. We will assist you in proactively managing these risks in order to maintain the health of your account. We’ve been able to cut chargebacks in half in some situations!

Application for an Online Dating Merchant Account

We’ll get in touch with you to go over your requirements in depth to make sure we understand your specific online dating business model.

eMerchant Pro uses its experience and knowledge to help you locate the right merchant account provider and guide you through the application process.

If your application has been accepted and an agreement has been signed, you can activate your online dating merchant account and begin accepting payments!

Payment Processing for Dating Sites features

  • Comprehensive Dating Site Solution
  • In 196 nations, we accept over 100 different currencies.
  • Rates start at 1% and go up from there.
  • Make a direct deposit of your earnings into your bank account.
  • PCI Level 1 compliance guarantees safe data transfers.
  • Fraud will help you reduce the number of payments that are rejected. Technology for cleaning
  • With a comprehensive reporting system, you can keep track of your transactions.
  • 98 percent of applications are accepted.

Any online dating company needs payment processing. As a result, in order to run a profitable online dating company, you’ll need an established firm that cares about getting your payments processed as soon as possible. We’ve processed countless online dating merchant accounts over the years, many of which have become extremely profitable thanks to our innovative and powerful processing system. You can also avail 2D payment gateway services with us.