Complementary Solutions with an Online Gaming Merchant Account

What are the complementary solutions you need with an Online Gaming Merchant Account?

eMerchantPro’s Online Gaming Merchant Account Services will kickstart your business.

With the Online Gaming Industry on the rise, it is a critical situation for your business to create a stand in the market. Be it the USA market or the worldwide market, a merchant account is incomplete for your business to expand.

A merchant account needs a payment gateway as well for the better functioning of the business. Therefore, we provide expert services to every high-risk business such as online gaming merchants

So, what will be the features and benefits from the complementary services of payment gateway and merchant account?

Features of an online gaming merchant account and payment processing channel

An online gaming merchant account is just a bank account that can accept payments online. However, it is the payment processing channel or payment gateway that processes the payments into your account. What happens when you combine those two for your business?

  1. Instant Approval and Quick Integration: eMerchantPro scalability for the banks around the world allows your business to get a merchant account quickly. While you start with the online acceptance of payment we will help your business to get a payment gateway. Using APIs, SDKs and other plugins for the integration will onboard our payment processing channel to your website.
  2. High Security: A merchant account is secured by the environment of the bank. On the other hand, a payment gateway keeps the security of the payments secured for a better and safe environment for the consumers to pay. Better security means a better place for consumers to pay online. A better consumer experience brings them back to your website multiple times.
  3. Credit Card Processing: Credit cards are one of the most preferred modes of payment today as well. Therefore, processing the credit cards through the payment gateway and a merchant account to accept the payment into your account is a necessity for a business. Moreover, there are other modes of payment that need to be addressed and our services can handle each of them swiftly.
  4. Global Card Saving: An important feature that makes the experience for the payments easier and smoother. The transaction details can be saved for future payments. It allows the users to pay next time without entering the transaction details again. It is an extremely great feature that makes payment processing easier.
  5. Easy Checkout: Redirections have ruined the experience of the payments. Therefore the websites need to keep a simple checkout page. With our services, you get a single window that allows transactions without redirections. Consumers can pay through that one window for the payment to be processed into your merchant account seamlessly.
  6. Smart Routing: The smart routing feature of our payment gateway and merchant account allows us to easily complete the transactions. Smart dynamic routing is enabled whenever the transaction is processed. It allows the payment to channel through various networks for faster and smoother transactions.
  7. Fraud Protection and Chargeback Management: A security feature that keeps the fraudsters and scammers in check. PCI Compliance, SSL certifications, and a powerful dashboard for all the chargeback management keep your payment processing safe. Fraud and scam payment will be instantly terminated with the prevention feature. And you can manage all the chargebacks that are thrown your way. You may automate the responses or manually attend to them.
  8. LVPS: Capping the volume is a problem and we will tend to it. eMerchantPro’s Online Gaming Merchant Account and Payment Gateway has no monthly volume limit. It allows you to freely accept online payments. Zero hindrance for transactions for your business.

You may need a safe and reliable online credit card processingservice, but getting approved for an online gaming merchant account is a challenge.

With the growing popularity of online multiplayer role-playing games, you want your customers to have a secure payment environment. Online gaming is a fast-growing industry that is part of the high-risk industry.

Bringing things to a close

Summing it up, an online gaming merchant account and a payment gateway allow your business to expand in the market and make online payments easier.

Fast performance is the most important factor for online gamers, but gaming platforms also need to remember the need to provide a secure and uninterrupted payment experience.

Gamers are keen to use convenient digital payment methods that make buying virtual goods easy and hassle-free. For this reason, payments should be part of the gaming experience and not a separate feature.