Top High-Risk Merchant Account

Top High-Risk Merchant Account Service Providers

Top High Risk Merchant Account

Merchants always face confusion while looking for the best merchant account provider. The market is vast and the options are many. Perhaps a filtered list of the best options can reduce their struggle. Are you also a merchant looking for a solution to handle your high-risk money transactions? Here is the list of the top high-risk merchant account providers for you.  

10. PayKings

 This merchant account service provider deals in varied industries from adult entertainment to pawn shops and e-commerce etc. You can connect with this merchant account provider that is also a payment processor with advanced transaction safety tools.

 It is known to work efficiently for businesses with high-volume transactions on daily basis. The good thing about this option is that its experience to work with multiple industries gives it specialized knowledge of many streams from industries normally considered as unsafe.

9. PaymentCloud

With a minimum of 2 years of contract length, this merchant account provider is all set to offer you uncompromised services. In case of cancelation, no fee is applicable, which is a good thing for you as a high-risk merchant. Get chargeback protection that satisfies all of its business clients.

The merchant account provider is expanding its reach to many more countries. High-risk merchants always struggle to get an account in their own country. In that case, this service provider can help you get an acquiring bank through its vast network.

8. eMerchantPro

Here again, we are talking about a merchant account provider that is a PRO in everything it provides in its services. The ubiquitously known service provider runs its operations in many countries. It provides alternative payment methods and also supports merchants with its smart chargeback management strategy.

Alternative payment methods are another specialty it owns in its services. It provides payment types such as – virtual terminal, mobile payment, and ACH. Also, the PCI-DSS compliance helps merchants ensure the safest money transaction experience with their customers. The 98% approval rate and free-account set-up are other facilities that come with this account service provider.

7. Durango

Durango has its own special place in the market of merchant account service providers. It is known for its flexibility and efficiency to provide multiple features. The merchants looking for a high-risk merchant account can feel impressed by it due to its special offers for business clients.

Free cost comparison, free gateway set-up, the commitment of secured transactions, and opening for new businesses are some of its special features. You may find this company more useful if you interact personally with its team of experts.

6. SMB Global

Another milestone company that has a good reputation in the market for its services. The account provider touches every high-risk industry and has a good network of acquirers. It is the reason that it has clients from all over the world.

24×7 customer care service and special attention to customized merchant account solutions will give you a great experience. With a lower per-transaction fee, the merchant account provider is known for its affordable merchant account services.

5. Host Merchant Services

The standard contract length of this company is 1 to 3 years. The cancellation fee is between $250–$500 according to the industry type. It provides chargeback protection and has varied payment method facilities. Card-present, virtual terminal, mobile payment, and ACH are among them.

The company is known for the merchant services built with low cost, reliability, and scalability. You can get a free merchant service account quote and review. Do not need to worry about any up-front fee or hidden fee as the company is also known for its transparency.


The company is an all-in-one solution for your merchant account requirements. The restless business owners seeking high-risk merchant account solutions can certainly plan to halt here to take a look at what this company provides. For sure there is no reason for disappointment because this merchant account provider is as popular as any other FinTech company in the field.

Unique multi-bank setup, industry-leading approval rates, internal banking solutions, etc. all are part of the network of this company. The aim is to provide the best rates and varied acquirer options to its business customers.

3. Soar payments

This merchant account provider may have a cancellation fee between $200–$395 but it attracts the attention of the merchants from all industries. With free and quick account setup, the company ensures speedy services to the clients.

With an ever-expanding reach to new locations, this merchant account provider is a good choice for the merchants. As high-risk businesses have customers from varied global locations, it is great to get a merchant account provider that is versatile in reach. You can easily understand the importance of this fact if you own a risky business type.

2. HIGH RISK Merchant Account LLC

If you want to start your new merchant account journey or if you are not satisfied with the existing services then this company is your destination. High-risk merchant accounts, high-risk ACH processing, chargeback alerts are its prime services.

Get in touch with this provider 24×7 through its toll-free number. It commits you to give a higher approval rate on account due to its rich network of acquiring banks. The company has decades of experience and has worked for all industry streams and business types.

1.    Global Merchant Advisors

Get started with this merchant account provider because it has become a synonym for reliability. All commitments made by the company come true. Faster approvals in 24 to 48 hours, high-volume solutions, no set-up fee, chargeback protection and prevention, iCheck processing, etc. are its popular services.

To explain in simple words all your requirements and expectations for high-risk merchant account providers can be fulfilled here. However, do not forget to mind-boggle on cost factor because depending on the industry, the pricing parameters may change.


All the above-given options are capable to end your search for the best high-risk merchant account. Every single merchant account service provider is well-known and has its own special place in the international market. The regular demand by merchants for these providers can be real proof to you. Go for interaction over a call or read their reviews to see the other side of the coin. You should have a great experience with any of these. At last, the final decision is at your discretion.

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