IPTV Payment Gateway USA an Innovative Payment Processing Solution for your Business

The number of the subscriber for IPTV and HD channels and video on demand is increasing after the technological development worldwide. The number of subscribers is also rising due to the new market expansion immensely. The rising invasion of internet-based streaming services is supposed to drive the market to a new era.

If we look at the recent market report, the IPTV industry has been measured at USD 74.24 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach USD 194.21 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 17.89% forecasted for 2020-2026. The above report is the best graph for the merchants to look at the vast opportunity available in the market and grab it.

Merchant can get a foot in the bar with an appropriate IPTV service and IPTV Payment Gateway USA. But, getting a payment gateway is always a challenging task for a merchant involved in the IPTV industry. Various obstacles make it way more difficult for merchants.

Importance of a payment gateway for the IPTV industry

As a merchant, you may expand your IPTV services and their range in the global market. You may desire to get more subscribers across the globe and check that your portal chooses you as their service provider. You may think of earning more revenue from your customers globally. At this point, your primary requirement will be a payment gateway to receive your payment from your customers globally.

A payment gateway is a right platform for a merchant to accept and process their payouts conveniently. Payment processing becomes relatively easy with a payment gateway and their acquirer banks. A payment gateway supports your business in every aspect your business requires:

  • Easy check-out
  • Enhances sales
  • Faster payment processing
  • Multiple payment options
  • Diverse currency processing
  • Recurring billing
  • Safety from risks and chargebacks
  • Integrates with Shopping cart

Why is it hard to get a payment gateway for the IPTV business?

The risks and chargeback ratio are the primary concern for banks and financial institutes to deem the IPTV industry a high-risk industry. Due to these factors, getting IPTV Merchant Account USA becomes challenging for the merchants. Banks reject their file as soon as they get it on their table. The business nature of the IPTV industry becomes an issue.

In such a situation, IPTV merchants get high-risk payment processing service providers as a solution. Indeed, it comes with higher charges but gives them a secure way to process their payments.

It is a challenging task for merchants to get a reliable and transparent payment gateway.

eMerchant Pro stands here as a solution for the merchants.

What eMerchant Pro offers?

While talking about a reliable and cost-efficient payment processing service, eMerchant Pro takes place on the top list. eMerchant Pro is in the market, serving all types of industries for a long time. It hardly matters for us that what is your business nature, we will serve you. Whether you are into high-risk, mid-risk, or low-risk, we are there to assist you.

For IPTV merchants, we get the best payment gateway service along with our IPTV merchant account. Our payment gateway integration with the merchant’s website benefits them in every aspect.

Multiple payment modes

Give your customers a solution to make payment in numerous methods. With us, you get the ability to process payment via credit card, debit card, eCheck, mobile payment, and more with our payment gateway. Your customers can make the payment with the option they wish to. Having various modes of payment opens the door for you to make more sales and more revenue for your business.

Virtual terminal 

With our virtual terminal service, you can easily accept payment via mail order and telephone order (MOTO). You can accept payment via any internet-connected device. Your customers can process the payment without any hurdle.

Data security 

Security has always been the primary concern for any industry. An insecure payment processing can be the reason for the loss, and you may lose your clients. We provide you a highly secured payment gateway that secures your business from various threats. PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliance with SSL encryption and API integration protects your sensitive payment information from theft. You can provide a safe environment for your customers to make the payment.

Customer support

eMerchant Pro understands the need for reliable customer support for a business. That is why we give you dedicated tech support 24*7 to support you with your concerns and in case of system failure.

Offshore IPTV payment gateway solution to globalize business 

Exploring solutions to take your business to the global market to sell your products and services? Are you worried about managing your international transactions? Not an issue. eMerchant Pro has an accurate solution for you.  

eMerchant Pro offers an international payment gateway with its offshore merchant account solution for the IPTV industry. Now, with eMerchant Pro, you can manage your global transaction without any hassle. Also, you get the ability to maximize your transactions, as our acquirer banks do not put the cap on the transaction volume.

Our coinage solution is a crucial feature that merchant requires while dealing globally. Your customer can make payment in their desired local cash with it. It makes your business more trustworthy and adds more customers to your business.

To know more about IPTV Payment Gateway USA, connect with eMerchant Pro by filling an online form.

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