High-Risk Merchant Account USA Get a Solution to Manage your Payment Processing

A good plan and strategy are essential for businesses so that they can reach their desired success. However, various factors depend upon, like the management, the financing, and other stuff. Every industry comes with several possibilities of risk of different types.

The eMerchant Pro is one of the well-known payment processing service providers that provide merchant account approval in the USA so that the industries involved in high risk can operate and flourish with time smoothly.

The eMerchant Pro is here to serve all the requirements of a business owner. We are a leading payment processing service provider for high-risk businesses in the USA, such as e-commerce businesses, online gaming businesses, High-Risk Merchant Account USA region for adult sites, and others.

We also provide services to merchants like high-risk credit card processing, high-risk payment gateway integration services with the lowest chargebacks. Of course, high-risk merchants often have to pay more for their merchant account approval service in the USA, but the benefits that it is cost-effective and entirely secure for you and your customers.


  • The worst-case scenario of taking a loss on your business account due to your credit or business financials cannot support the sales volume you are applying for. 
  • Your service or product has a more extended chargeback liability period. If you serve annual membership to your customers, they have 18 months to file a chargeback (6 months from the after-ending service date). 
  • You are involved in an industry that has a history of high chargebacks. It sets a view for the banks that they will spend too many resources managing your account and eventually have to turn you off regardless if/when you exceed chargeback thresholds. 
  • Businesses that have reputational risks, such as the adult industry and others. 
  • If you are on the TMF or MATCH table. 

Types of industries that require a High-Risk Merchant Account 

  • Annual memberships based on business
  • Adult products industry
  • Bail bonds industry
  • Online dating industry
  • Business opportunities industry
  • Electronics sold online industry
  • Home-based businesses
  • Online auctions industry
  • Horoscope/Fortune-telling industry
  • Mail order or telephone order industry
  • Multi-level marketing (MLM) industry
  • And other industries

Why Are We The Right Choice as the Merchant Account Service Provider in the USA?

We are one of the best payment processing service provider companies and a one-stop solution for all the high-risk businesses in the USA. We offer flexible service to our clients and provide the initial guidance to set up a high-risk business.

Our primary focus is to provide a secure and integrated payment gateway and instant approval of the High-Risk Merchant Account USA. We protect our client’s sensitive information and fraudulent transactions with our expert team, making us the best choice in the market.

eMerchant Pro helps you in the integration of a high-risk payment gateway with your website. It eases your payment processing for your customers. Also, our payment gateway has various security tools that give you a safe environment to complete your payments.

Other benefits of our merchant account service:

  1. Give your customers a choice to make online payments. Get the payment option your customers are looking for. We offer you multiple payment methods that make your payment processing easier for your customers. You can widely accept payment from your customer via credit card, debit card, ACH, eCheck, and others.
  2. Multi-currency payment processing is the best way for merchants while looking to explore the global market. The basic need of any international customer is to have a payment option in their local currency. Merchants can accept payment in numerous currencies like the dollar, pound, euro, etc.
  3. Security tools that come with our payment gateway make your payment processing more secure. Fraud protection tools secure your business from unnecessary losses that make it challenging to operate your business. Additionally, our payment gateway complies with PCI-DSS Level 1 security standard to protect your customer’s sensitive card payment information. We also support merchants to reduce their chargeback ratio with our expert team.
  4. Credit card payment has always been the first priority of the customers while making an online transaction. It is easier for the customers to carry a card comparing cash. eMerchant Pro offers credit card processing to the customers that allows them to collect payment from their customers via credit card and debit card. Also, they can accept payment via various card brands like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and others.  
  5. Get the opportunity to explore the global market with eMerchant Pro. We are providing you Offshore Merchant Account for the customers to operate their business globally. We also help the merchant in integration with an international payment gateway with the merchant’s website. We get all the required solutions to grow your business worldwide.

Contact the best for the best. 

Our experts are always there to assist you with our payment processing service for businesses based in the USA. To know more about High-Risk Merchant USA, connect us by filling an online form.

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