Gaming Payment Gateway

Gaming Payment Gateway that will help you excel and grow your business

Online Gaming Payment Gateway is a serious task that should only be entrusted to a trustworthy processor. Aside from looking for experienced online gaming merchant account providers, there are a few other factors to consider. Let’s begin with the costs.

It is not necessary to choose the cheapest provider; however, you should look for one that provides affordable merchant services. Online gaming may be difficult for some, but the right processor will assign an entire team of experts to your account and do so at reasonable rates.

Furthermore, the service must be accessible to you via customer service and must answer all of your questions. Because most businesses are unaware of many rights and regulations, they require professional assistance when setting up accounts and working with comprehensive payment solutions.

A Gaming Payment Gateway processor should be able to process payments quickly and without incident.

How Does Online Gaming Payment Gateway Work?

The customer selects the product or service they wish to buy and proceeds to the payment page. A Gaming Payment Gateway provides you with the following payment page customization options for your business:

  • Payment page hosted
  • Integration between servers or client-side encryption

The acquirer receives payment from the issuing bank and deposits it into your merchant account. The information is securely transmitted to the card schemes by the acquiring bank (Visa, Mastercard).

Card schemes perform an additional layer of fraud detection before sending payment data to banks. This is referred to as the settlement stage, and it entails the transfer of funds between the customer and the merchant.

What is a Gaming Business?

The online gaming industry is thriving. Gamers keep themselves up to date on every new release from gaming platforms and providers. You won’t be able to make much money if you don’t have an online gaming merchant account.

Gaming companies have a fantastic opportunity to attract more customers because:

  • People take interest in online mobile gaming.
  • Smartphone penetration is increasing.

Why Do Online Games Need Gaming Payment Gateways?

If you want to start an online gaming business, you’ll need online payment processing accounts. Merchant will be unable to accept credit card payments or other commonly used online payment methods if they do not have them.

You must be able to accept credit cards and other forms of payment from all over the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week as a gaming provider. While you must also be able to process these payments in a secure and efficient manner.

Why did Gaming Industry consider High Risk?

The majority of banks consider gaming businesses to be “high risk.” This is due to a number of factors, which we will discuss further below.

  1. The gambling industry is high risk because it poses a higher risk to the underwriter.
  2. Despite the fact that internet gaming is now highly regulated and organized, several financial institutions continue to believe that certain risks exist. Over time, they will almost certainly become more knowledgeable about the industry and more trusting of online gaming providers.
  3. Casinos and online gambling companies have a high chargeback and refund rate, which increases the processor’s risk when processing credit card payments.
  4. They also have a higher turnover rate, putting processors at risk.
  5. When businesses are unable to maintain a low chargeback percentage, credit card processors frequently terminate online gambling merchant accounts (less than 1 percent ). Gaming Payment Gateway providers do not want to be responsible for balances that are not covered by the gaming platform.
  6. Many gambling establishments are located offshore, raising concerns about money laundering and fraud.

This is not to say that obtaining payment processing for online gaming is difficult. There is still a way to obtain legitimate payment processing accounts to help your online gaming website run smoothly.

How does Payment Integrate with Gaming websites?

To integrate payments for your gaming business you need to get a Gaming Payment Gateway.

The criteria will differ depending on a number of factors. We can, however, give you an estimate of what will be required. To begin, you must provide the following:

  • Completely fill out the application form.
  • A copy of your gaming license must be submitted.
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Articles of incorporation or a comparable document
  • A shareholder register signed by the company’s director and dated within the last three months
  • Certificate of Affiliation
  • A certificate of appointment or something similar
  • Provide a transaction forecast, including the expected number of transactions, average transaction value, total volume, primary geographical areas of cardholders, and processing history (if any)

EmerchantPro can help you obtain Gaming Payment Gateway for your business

A professional and experienced processor, such as EmerchantPro, understands how to handle these claims and protect your earnings when necessary. Banks, on the other hand, may take some time to determine who should receive the funds before removing them from your account.

We can help you open an online gaming merchant account that will cover all types of gambling, including:

Sports betting

Online casino

Electronic sports

Online poker

Live Betting

Online lottery

Real-Time Table Games

Online Bingo

Imagination Games

  • A selection of chance games.

EmerchantPro provides a wide range of business opportunity merchant account solutions that enable organizations to accept a wide range of modern payment methods. The assistance extends to wherever the organization decides to establish a business.


Customers are beginning to use mobile and other payment processing procedures as the modern world become more digital.

Businesses in the online gaming industry will face a high chargeback rate to credit cards for a variety of reasons, including fraudulent transactions, high-priced items, and government laws and gambling regulations.

Credit card payments are extremely risky, and most banks and processors will avoid working with these companies. Instead of looking for alternative payment methods, consider what EmerchantPro has to offer and how we can make your life easier.