Fantasy Sports Merchant Account

Merchant Account for Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports Merchant Account

Millions of people around the globe are crazy about sports and love to play and watch various sports, such as cricket, badminton, hockey, football, tennis, etc. Sports are not only restricted to the land, there is far more than can be explored across it.

One such trend that has arisen as a new trend is Fantasy Sports! As it has impacted many sports fans and transformed into a million-dollar industry, it is no longer a trend. They have the option to explore their knowledge of the game, team tactics and drafts while watching live sports. In addition, by forecasting and betting, it provides the chance to earn some extra money.

Fantasy sports encourage participants to put together a virtual team and play and enjoy a game.

The popularity of fantasy sports has provided space for online business and we can see many fantasy sports-related online platforms today. But these sites are not free, businesses charge the user to develop the squad, enter a league or bet or what services they provide.

When moving to their services, online platforms offering fantasy sports services need to raise money from the customer. Fantasy sports merchant account to accept online cash merchant needs. Specifically, this account is in the high-risk company category because of fantasy sports.

Without Fantasy Sports Merchant Account Solutions, you allow the online money transferred by the customer to obtain your services for the subscription.

With conventional banking partners and payment processors, fantasy sports merchant accounts are hard to acquire. This is because millions of young fans of die-hard sports are hooked into the fantasy sports and fantasy sports business and are deemed high-risk by most other gambling firms. Fortunately, if you’re interested in sports betting, it is always possible to register for an online fantasy sports merchant account. With unparalleled customer service, lower prices, and convenient functionality, High-Risk Holdings provides high-risk merchant accounts to fantasy sports companies.

Benefits of Having a Merchant Account for FANTASY SPORTS

Protecting Chargeback

Since the risk of chargebacks in the fantasy sports industry is so high, High-Risk Holding has worked hard to help our customers who have fantasy sports websites maintain low chargeback ratios. In order to avoid unwarranted chargebacks, we give real-time chargeback warnings and collaborate with companies.

Prevention Resources for Fraud

Access to a secure online payment portal that is integrated with fraud prevention instruments will be provided to all merchants. Owners of Fantasy Sports Website are able to customize filters to fit with their company’s needs to decline transactions that seem apprehensive automatically.

Convenience of payments

By using a point-of-sale system (POS) or credit card processing machine, your fantasy sports merchant account will allow you to accept debit and credit card payments from customers. Get High-Risk Portfolios’ suitable high-risk fantasy sports merchant account solutions.

What exactly is a Fantasy Merchant Account about? 

You can earn from it if you are involved in sports and good at it and understand the game well. Basically, this is the standard behind the Fantasy Account Definition. Avid fans from all over the globe grabbed it. They pull in cash efficiently by using their expertise into top-pick sports, classes, methodologies, & drafts. Today, for numerous individuals around the globe, it is more than a pastime. It is also a generously paid movement that, with European fans trying to keep pace, is typically popular in the United States & Canada.

Why is this account regarded as a high-risk company?

There are various reasons for this fact, in particular:-

Wagering & sports determination initially brings a higher chance of bogus workouts & chargebacks. That is the reason why the risk is considered to be high. The reality of the matter is that payment processors have long known fantasy sports as a high-volume turnover that provides a hazard to the entire leadership that provides credit lines to merchants. The Fantasy Sports Merchant Account offers an enormous opportunity for business expansion.

How do you obtain this form of merchant account?

With the business, Mastercard payments will not be accepted without a credit card planning agreement.

An entrepreneur has to find a reliable Payment Gateway Solution Supplier demand to receive one, which helps to calculate how to get a merchant account.

Legitimate Future Component of the United States Fantasy Merchant Account

Although U.S. banks consider fantasy sports as a form of betting, it is difficult to experience charge card planning services. There are more sets to follow, however, with two states sanctioned for playing day by day fantasy sports (US, Canada, Cuba, Mexico).

eMerchant Pro provides the Fantasy Sports Merchant Account to fantasy business management searchers. Our specialists will advise you to submit all the important archives alongside an application structure when you meet us via our web. For example, when you forward all the accounts to us, ID proof, company profile, bank transaction details, and so on. Our specialists will search your archives and send them to the acquiring banks afterwards.

A merchant account will be approved by the acquiring banks after experiencing all the certifications. Need exceptional business; communicate with peaceful assistance with eMerchant Pro services.

How to gain a Merchant Account for Fantasy Sports? 

There are typically several explanations behind it, let’s review some of the extreme ones;

Wagering and sports calculation, above all, face a higher risk of bogus events and company and chargebacks. That is the reason why it is considered high risk. The thing is that payment processors have differentiated over the years that dream sports are connected to a high volume turnover that poses a challenge to the entire lender providing credit lines to suppliers.

Second, in fantasy sports, consumers claim a discount or a chargeback every now and then. This is another indicator of high risk for the company.

Often, the gaming industry is synonymous with illicit tax avoidance. To prevent this from happening, such techniques are currently being developed that require exceptional steps to be taken while preparing high-risk assets from the fantasy sports merchant account.