Win big with a Tobacco Merchant Account

How to win big with a Tobacco Merchant Account?

eMerchantPro’s Tobacco Merchant Account ensures that your business grasps the rising market.

“IMARC Group expects the market to reach a volume of 9.29 Million Tons by 2026.” – (IMARC)

From 2019 to 2026, the industry is on the rise and a business needs to be a part of it. Accepting online payments is a huge step towards business expansion. Thus, our Merchant Account Services plays a vital role for merchants around the globe.

The tobacco business is a part of the high-risk sector. So, the merchant should be careful while getting a merchant account for the business. The reliability of the service provider makes a huge difference.

What is the First Step Towards Winning Big?

The initial step towards achieving a bigger audience is getting familiar with the features of the Merchant Account that you need for your business.

  1. Multiple Currency Acceptance: A merchant account allows your business to accept online payments through multiple currencies. The scalability of our company chooses the best conversion rates for your business and provides the best solution for currency conversion. If you add a payment gateway to your website you can readily accept local currencies from distant lands.
  2. Security: A secure channel where the revenue is deposited is maintained by PCI Compliance. PCI DSS Compliant level 1 ensures the top-notch quality of security for all the payments. You don’t have to worry about the payment processing into your account as the complete procedure is encrypted and safe.
  3. Process Credit and Debit Cards: Debit and Credit card processing are an integral part of the online business. Thus, your business can accept card payments as the merchant account will allow the revenue to be deposited. It will help your business to generate and cycle the revenue.
  4. Complete Merchant Assistance: eMerchantPro offers complete merchant assistance to high-risk merchants. Our expert team gets in touch with you to provide you with complete business assistance. Approval and onboarding of the account is completely our headache. Thus, we provide personalized solutions for every merchant that needs an account.
  5. Instant Approval: We have a huge reach for offshore banks. With our in-house team of experts, the reach of the banks is at a huge number. The scalability allows us to get instant approval for your merchant account. We ensure the account for your business so that you can get a payment gateway for your website at the earliest.
  6. 24 x 7 Support: We understand that there can be many obstacles in the path of the payments. Therefore, we are always ready for your support. We ensure all-around-the-clock support for your business to tackle any problem related to the merchant account.

What Follows the Features?

Second, the features are the understanding of the benefits. In other words, it is important that you are familiar with the benefits a merchant account offers your business. It will help you to openly converse with the merchant account service providers for better deals.

A Tobacco Merchant Account yields the benefits like:

  1. Sales are increased: With the online business booming, the brick-and-mortar shops are slowly seeing a downfall. Therefore, you need to extend your sales to the online market. Getting a tobacco merchant account allows you to openly marketize your goods or services in the market.
  2. Better management for the revenue: A merchant account is just like a bank account for your business. Therefore, money management is easy and simple. The online transactions are clearly visible and the cash flow management can be coherently noted.
  3. Revenue Security: Deposition of the money directly into your account ensures the security of the money. You can keep a keen eye on the revenue and on the other hand, the bank will have to handle any inconvenience. It provides your business a sense of security for all the payments that you accept online.
  4. Consumer’s Convenience: Getting a merchant account will also help your consumers. While you get a merchant account and allow the payments to be processed online, the consumers can pay swiftly. They don’t have to reach the shops or stores and can directly purchase from you through online modes of payment.
  5. No bargaining: This is an odd benefit for your business but can significantly work out for you. Online Payments stops the consumers from bargaining. A brick-and-mortar store has to lower its profit margin because of the bargains. However, it won’t be the case when they transact online.


That brings us to the close of the blog. It is important to note that a Tobacco Merchant Account is incomplete without a payment gateway. A payment processing channel will allow your business to completely process and accept payments on your website.

Therefore choosing both MSP and PSP is a must for a business that is on the booming reach. The global market is on the rise and the support that eMerchantPro offers you is one of the best. We will be leading the payment solutions for your business as you focus on the other matters at hand.

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