Why Should you Think More About Non-3D Payment Gateway

A Non-3D payment gateway has been an important part of the payment solutions. It not only enhances the speed of transactions but also provides a seamless payment experience. Many High-Risk Businesses prefer a Non-3D payment gateway due to its speed of payment alone.

However, there is more to a Non-3D payment gateway than just the non-involvement of OTP input. There are features that a business should take into account while choosing a payment service provider.

Features to take into account

eMerchantPro allows different features to be embedded into a payment gateway through various plugins. Here are the features that will help your business to enjoy hassle-free payment processing.

  1. Real-Time Transactions: With a Non-3DS payment gateway you get the feature of real-time transactions. It refers to the transactions that are completed quickly and smoothly to set free of the traffic. It allows the payments to process in a blink of an eye to enjoy enhanced transactions.
    This will significantly uplift the consumer experience of your business and support your business’s revenue generation in a huge amount.
  2. Global Card Saving: Global card saving feature allows our payment gateway to intelligently remember the details of the consumers for further transactions. This feature is a favorable feature for many businesses as it adds to the payment processing speed.
    Whenever a business needs to add speed to the payment processes like Forex, Betting, Gambling, Online Gaming, eCommerce, etc. they tend to integrate the global card saving feature.
  3. Security: Most people believe that Non-3DS has a lower level of security. If compared to a 3D payment gateway it does have low levels of security. However, a Non-3D payment gateway has built-in features for your business to prosper. eMerchantPro has PCI Compliance and SSL certification that ensures maximum security in regards to Payment Gateway.
  4. Fraud Protection and Chargeback Management: Our cutting-edge innovation of a Non-3D payment gateway has a built-in fraud protection feature. Fraud prevention will instantly terminate the payment process if someone tries fraudulent activities.
    On the other hand, we have a chargeback management feature to put a keen eye on the chargebacks. An intelligent sorting algorithm to remove the unnecessary chargebacks. Only the crucial one will reach you for reporting and taking action.
  5. Instant Approval and Integration: With eMerchantPro, you get Instant Approval for a payment gateway. And the integration process is fast-paced and hassle-free. We ensure that your website gets integrated with a payment gateway in the shortest time. It allows your business to work full-fledged with no loss.
    We keep in mind that time is of the essence. Therefore, our 98% Approval Rating and 100% success rates will come in handy for your business.
  6. These are some of the features that are a great support to your business. That’s the reason you need to think about the Non-3D payment gateway more. But there is more to it.

    Benefits of a Non-3d Payment Gateway

    There are several benefits that eMerchantPro has for a business that is looking for a payment gateway.

    1. Multi-currency Support: Your business plans will surely have worldwide expansion at one point. Consequently, you need to provide the convenience to the consumers to pay in their currency. The multi-currency support feature of our payment gateway will enable your business to get a better reach as soon as possible.
    2. Complete Assistance to the Merchants: To tailor every feature for you, you can avail yourself of a complete assistance benefit. You will get a call back as soon as possible. Our expert team will answer all the questions related to the payment processing solution and tailor the payment gateway according to your needs.
    3. Modes of Payment: Though it is more of a feature, with our complete assistance benefit you will be provided with an array of payment methods. We have Debit and Credit Card Processing, eWallets, Cryptocurrency, eChecks, ACH, Net Banking, and much more.
    4. Robust Reporting: We strongly believe that billings and invoices should be digital and instantaneous for every person. Hence, a Non-2D payment gateway has a robust state-of-the-art reporting feature that is present in all the payment processing channels. It provides instant feedback of bills and invoices that are paperless and valid as well.
    5. Affordable Pricing: The base idea of affordability remains at the heart of everything. So, we have the best affordable rates for your business to seamlessly acquire a payment gateway for your business. It will help you to generate the revenue that your business needs.

    Marking What is Important

    Summing things up, a Non-3D Payment Gateway from eMerchantPro will be equipped with top-of-the-line features and benefits. What’s more important to note is the instant transaction feature of the payment gateway.
    Significantly enhancing the payment experience for the consumers. Our payment processing channel ensures there are no redirections for payment. One window for one payment. Instant transactions that are secure and add to your company’s UX. We also have 24 x 7 support for you. We understand there can be barriers in business, but we are ready with our upfront expert team to tackle all the obstacles for payment processing.
    Know More and Book a Call Back Today.