Steps to get a CBD Oil Merchant Account

CBD Oil Merchant Account

It may be a profitable business enterprise that sells cannabidiol (also known as CBD/CBD oil/Hemp oil). If you do not work with a trading service provider, who is familiar with all the regulatory problems that confront the ever emerging CBD and hemp oil industry, it could also become a huge financial catastrophe.

CBD e-commerce is regarded as a high-risk company which makes payment for online sales seriously complex. You can run into trouble finding the right partner to handle credit card or hemp product processing, if you are looking to open a hemp or CBD merchant account.

It can be difficult to acquire a merchant account for your Retail Company or online CBD products. eMerchant Pro  is one of the best merchant account providers to accept CBD and Hemp Oil traders although the majority of merchant account providers still do not accept this type of business.

We provide CBD Oil merchants accounts with retail and e-commerce account and payment gateway solutions. 

Your processor may close your account suddenly, or your e-commerce platform can opt out of supporting CBD and hemp products with no warning, thus preventing you from completing the processing of your website’s credit cards.

High-risk payment processors for CBD Business

You will have to find a payment processor as a CBD merchant who works with hazardous companies. A person with experience working with CBD E-Commerce retailers is the best case scenario. High-risk payment processors may be relatively easy to find, but high-risk payment processors that really understand the industry can be difficult to identify.

Card brands can charge traders selling cannabidiol oil products which violate their guidelines heavily. eMerchant Pro Payments shall ensure that all CBD oil merchant accounts are uniformly complied with in order to prevent penalties and violations at the federal level but also at State level.

It is also important to work with a proactive high-risk payment processor, one whose business success depends on keeping aligned with the online CBD sales rules and regulations, who works actively not only to keep you informed of regulatory changes, but also to develop solutions to the evolving legislation which could have a great impact on your CBD/hemp card processing.

Find the high- risk merchant account provider to get the CBD oil merchant account. At eMerchant Pro we assist you with high risk payment processing services associated with the CBD industry. 

Why is CBD a high risk company?

Although all high risk companies can be a challenge to manage, CBD trading accounts have unique problems. CBD products containing less than 0.3% of THC are legal under US federal law. State law, however, can be vague and open to law enforcement agencies to interpret. 

Companies offering financial and e-commerce services generally do not like uncertainty, and many are simply not dealing with CBD merchants.

How eMerchant Pro payments can benefit your CBD business?

CBD and hemp companies know how to open your CBD merchants account quickly and to unlock the benefits of accepting credit cards.

On the same website, sell vape and CBD hemp products without separate CBD merchant and website accounts.

Sell hemp/CBD products worldwide* so that buyers can buy in their own currency when paid out in their home currency.

Safe integration of the payment gateway and cart fully comply with all PCI DSS declarations.

Credit card processing services in multiple currencies: we collect payments and settle into 27 monetary arrangements.

Help prevent reimbursements using the latest technology and maintain your business’ reputation with the card networks so that your CBD and hemp product processing will be longevity.

Steps to get a CBD Oil merchant account

Receiving a CBD Merchant Account can be an awful process. Opening a normal merchant account will be subject to its own terms. When we consider the CBD Trading Account, the traders have to keep state regulations, if they don’t end up in trouble.

You can seek the assistance of eMerchant Pro in obtaining your trader’s account if you plan to get one. We assist you with processing solutions, which require traders to sell their CBD components products.

  • Keep a good credit card history: business owners who are new to the company will need to keep a good credit card history. Owners without overdraw fees or with no history of low balance will have an excellent opportunity to get their merchant account.
  • Keep high or stable volumes of processing: certain merchant account providers will not invest unless they know that your service or product is in sufficient demand or interest. The maintenance of large or stable trading volumes each month will demonstrate that trading account providers value your investments.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations: always check whether your state allows the sale of products associated with CBD or CBD before you start your business. If you are sure of the rules, get your business license.
  • If you are applying for the merchant account, merchant account service providers will send you a license copy so you are better prepared to do so.

We understand the need for CBD payment processing solutions for people in the industry, both for them and for their clients. Traditional, low-risk companies only had access to the merchant account before your CBD Company could get all the credit card processing options you need.