Great Non-3D Payment Gateway

The Anatomy of a Great Non-3D Payment Gateway

A non-3d payment gateway is a subset of a payment gateway. The security features of a payment processing channel divide it into Non-3DS and 3DS.

Taking Non-3DS into account, there are certain features, benefits, and other exclusive assistance that a company must provide for merchants around the globe. Therefore, we came out with the anatomy of it.

What you need to expect and what a payment gateway can deliver you is a must-know aspect of a payment processing channel. Being a Merchant there are certain prerequisites as well, that you will be familiarised with here. So let us begin!

What are the Requirements for Getting a Non-3D Payment Gateway?

  1. Firm and Operational Website: No matter which type of industry you are from, either eCommerce or Forex or Online Gambling, a completely operational website is vital. A payment service provider will take a look at your website first to determine if your business is worthy of getting a payment gateway.
  2. Merchant Account: A basic requirement for a merchant who has online dealings going on needs a merchant account. It allows you to accept online payments for your business and works like a bank account itself. A payment gateway integrates itself to your website and settles the amount to your merchant account to the acquiring bank.
  3. Transaction History: Every company has a transaction history with dealings for the business. Most of the service providers require at least 3 months of transaction history and in some cases 6-9 months. Therefore be ready with your history of transactions to showcase it to the providers.
  4. Other Requirements: The compliant and the official team of a service provider needs other documents as well like the average ticket size, monthly payments, website history, company documentation, etc. It is based on the company and its dealings that personalize the prerequisites for the business.

What are the features of a non-3d payment gateway?

A non-3d payment gateway is specially built for those industries that require fast transactions at a short interval of time.

  • Multi-currency support: A global reach of a business demands support from different countries. Therefore, a company needs to provide convenience to the consumers. Multi-Currency support allows consumers from different countries to pay in their local currency.
  • Modes of Payment: Another convenience feature that is integrated into a payment processing channel is different modes of payment. Credit Card Processing is not the only option. eWallets, eChecks, Crypto, Net Banking, and various other modes of payment are necessary as well.
  • Fraud Prevention: Frauds are annoying and not welcomed in any business. Therefore, a Fraud Prevention feature of a payment processing channel keeps a check of the frauds and terminates a payment if there are fraudulent activities in the history or at present.
  • Easy Integration: It widely depends on the payment service provider that you choose. However, at eMerchantPro, we use APIs, Mobile SDKs, and various plugins to integrate the Non-3D Payment Gateway and other features.
  • P2PE: Person-to-person encryption enhances the transaction experience of a consumer. It keeps all the data safe from a third party to act on it. Encryption allows a safe environment for all the payments to complete.

What are the benefits of a Non-3D Payment Gateway?

eMerchantPro has some unique benefits for your business. Here are some of the benefits for you that are common and exclusive as well.

  • Complete Assistance: We provide complete personalized assistance to merchants around the globe. It allows both your business to understand all the aspects of a payment gateway and us to understand your business.
  • Real-Time Transactions: The transactions are processed in real-time. That allows quick transfer of funds and clear steering of traffic. It helps the business to keep track of each transaction that happens fast and secured at the same time.
  • Smooth and easy reporting: Billings and reporting of the transactions are seamless with eMerchantPro. Reports and Invoices based on the status of transactions can be easily generated for the consumers
  • 24 x 7 Support: eMerchantPro is consistently present for your needs. In other words, we understand that there can be certain barriers related to the payments. Therefore, we are always present to help you with your queries.
  • No more waiting for OTP: OTPs take time to arrive and enter. Therefore, you can allow the consumers to pay quickly and start with the dealings as soon as possible. It adds to their convenience and loyalty towards your business.

What are You Getting for Yourself?

Bringing things to a close, it is important to point out what you are getting from eMerchantPro. We are providing a Non-3D payment Gateway for both Onshore and Offshore Merchant Accounts. It all depends on the High-Risk Factor of your business. Moreover, certain prerequisites are needed by every payment service provider to start with the payment gateway.

Contacting Us will clear all your queries and you can book a callback now. Our Expert Team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.