Competitive Issues of eCommerce Payment Gateway

eMerchantPro Challenging the Competitive Issues of eCommerce Payment Gateway

eCommerce has always been a huge platform for consumers. They love to be in their comfort zone and pay for the goods through an eCommerce Payment Gateway on your website. However, the contradiction lies in the fact that your business has to get a payment processing channel for that.

“By the year 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of all purchases will be through eCommerce.”.
(First Site Guide)
Thus, one needs to provide a channel for the consumers to pay online. But, there are various issues you need to address before you start processing online payments for your eCommerce Business.

What are the Issues Surrounding the eCommerce Payment Gateway?

  1. The issue of High-Risk: eCommerce is considered a high-risk business. Thus, conventional banks deny a merchant account. Furthermore, the mainstream service providers also deny a payment gateway to the eCommerce businesses.
  2. Security: A completely secure payment gateway is a huge issue. Most of the service providers offer a payment processing channel that is unsecured and has a huge risk to the payments.
  3. Risk of Chargebacks and Frauds: The reason for eCommerce to be in the high-risk sector is the high chargeback ratio and frauds in the business. eCommerce faces a lot of chargebacks from the consumers regarding the products they take up. Therefore, the payment service providers avoid the business to the last breath.
  4. Mode of Payment: The online business of ecommerce requires an array of payment methods. Traditionally commerce takes place with cash. However, handling online payments and providing the consumers with a range of payment methods is a big task and vital as well.
  5. Assistance and support: Most of the service providers don’t provide merchant assistance for the features and benefits. Furthermore, they would stay hidden at times of your business facing a crisis. It stands as a huge challenge for the merchants as they have to face a lot.

What are the Readily Available Solutions for these Problems?

eMerchantPro is the best available solution for your eCommerce business In other words, eMerchantPro has all the important features and offers some of the most exclusive benefits to the consumers.

  1. Dealing Exclusively in High-Risk Businesses: eMerchantPro exclusively deals with high-risk businesses. We provide an eCommerce Payment Gateway to your businesses to accept online payments on your website. We know the in-depth working of the high-risk sector. Therefore, we profoundly provide the best solutions for your merchant account.
  2. Top-Notch Security: We offer and deliver top-notch security for your business with PCI Compliance, SSL Certification, and 3-D Secure Payment Gateway. It allows a safer environment for the consumers to pay for their much-required goods. A completely secure environment increases the payment experience of the consumers.
  3. Fraud Prevention and Chargeback Management: eMerchantPro’s eCommerce Payment Gateway can be equipped with fraud prevention tools and chargeback management systems for the merchants to overcome the problem. In other words, integrating risk management tools steadily decreases your business’s high-risk parameter.
  4. Multiple modes of payment: Our payment gateway has multiple modes of payment. It allows the consumers to choose from their most preferred payment method. Some of them are eChecks, Credit and Debit Cards, eWallets, Online Banking, CryptoCurrency, etc. With the upsurge of cryptos, eWallets, and eChecks your business must have all these.
  5. Complete Merchant Assistance: eMerchantPro boasts complete merchant assistance. It allows an eCommerce Merchant to clear every doubt about the payment processing channel. One can also tailor the payment gateway according to their business profile. It will help a merchant to augment the payment gateway with various features.
  6. 24 x 7 Support: Payment-Related issues are common when you use a payment processing channel for your business. When a situation such as that arrives you need to reach out to the service provider for support. Therefore, eMerchantPro has a completely dedicated support team for the merchants. It allows us to be available at any time of the day. You can reach us to clear any doubts about the payment processing.

What does eMerchantPro offer your eCommerce Business Today?

The world-class services of eMerchantPro offer a set of benefits that are catered according to your business. eCommerce Payment Gateway will allow your online platform to process the payments on your website. We provide a complete solution for your business as you reach a global audience.

Moreover, you will be able to customize the payment gateway according to your needs. Change the logo, font size, color of the font, etc. It will give a premium and tailored touch to the payment processing channel. It brings better consumer retention with a better consumer experience. Your business will be able to get to a bigger audience in a shorter time.

Get a personalized solution for your business with expert services from eMerchantPro. Get in touch with us today to clear all the doubts and get an eCommerce Payment Gateway for your business today!