5 Less-Known Facts about eCommerce Payment Gateway

5 Facts about eCommerce Payment Gateway That can Change your Business Outlook

An eCommerce Payment Gateway has changed the course of the brick-and-mortar shops around the world. Thanks to a payment gateway, a business can process payments online and take their shops towards newer heights. Electronic Commerce comes from the fact that brick and mortar shops are changing their course of action.

An eCommerce Merchant can integrate a payment processing channel to process online payments without human interference. It allows many features that provide the best payment experience to the consumers. Therefore, a business needs to get to a payment service provider for it. However, due to chargebacks, service providers tend to suspend the services on the website.

Let us show you some of the less-known facts about eCommerce Payment Gateway that will significantly benefit your business.

5 Less-Known Facts about eCommerce Payment Gateway

  1. It is Completely Secured: Most merchants believe that online payments can be easily scammed or hacked into. However, it is not the case. On the contrary, a payment processing channel is secured with various security features.

PCI Compliance Level 1 ensures the information is secured throughout the payment processing. The compliance is provided by PCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council).

P2PE is Point to Point Encryption that ensures that the data is encrypted throughout the channel. It provides that the consumers’ payment data is entirely non-sensitive for hackers trying to read the information.

Dynamic 3D Secure: A payment gateway that is dynamic 3d secure processes the payments with a thyroid layer of authentication. It generates an OTP to authenticate the payment making the channel more secure for the payment.

  1. Fraud Prevention Tools: An eCommerce Payment Gateway by trusted service providers such as eMerchantPro offers multiple fraud prevention tools on the payment processing channel. Tools such as :
  • AVS: A fraud prevention tool that stands for Address Verification System. It provides the best anti-fraud stance to your business.
  • Device ID: If a consumer pays from a new device, they will be instantly notified about it.
  • Fraud Scoring: It checks for the frauds of a particular consumer and generates a score. If it crosses the threshold, it stops the payment processing.
  • CVV Checker: CVV plays a vital role in card payments, and entering the wrong CVV instantly stops the payment.
  1. It is not you but the consumers: The consumers need a payment gateway for your business. Yes! You read that right! Consumers want the payment gateway to pay online for the goods. eCommerce is a business that primarily involves consumers. And they want to shop online at their convenience. It allows them to be free from the cash burden. Therefore, eCommerce is a consumer-centric industry with various influences from them.
  2. Payment Gateway is not Static: A payment gateway is a dynamic product. It depends on how the merchant needs it to be for their eCommerce Business. Multiple options determine the look and payment processing of the payment gateway.
  • Multiple Currencies: If the merchant needs to expand their business to various countries, they require numerous currency options for the consumers to pay through their preferred currency.
  • Modes of payment: Consumers want to pay through different methods. Some prefer checks, while others use eWallet. Thus, multiple modes of payment are necessary.
  • Integration option: You may need a payment gateway for your website or your mobile application. Thus, it influences the payment gateway’s integration capabilities.
  1. It is Affordable!: On the first thought, the eCommerce Payment Gateway looks costly. It feels as if the service provider will ask your world in exchange for the payment services. However, it is not so. Quite contrary to it, a payment gateway is affordable for eCommerce merchants. Moreover, it is cost-efficient as it will provide a secure payment processing solution for your business. Furthermore, it has a range of options to choose the best services for your business.

A little about eMerchantPro

eMerchantPro provides an eCommerce Payment Gateway to the merchants. With cutting-edge tech, our payment gateway is completely secured. Moreover, a wide range of features can be easily integrated into the payment gateway to offer you the best solutions.

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With multiple payments and currency options to various other features, our payment gateway is well equipped. Therefore, you can focus on your consumer base while we focus on payment processing.

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