5 Clichés about Offshore Payment Gateway to Avoid

5 Cliches About Offshore Payment Gateway You Should Avoid

Cliches have always been a part of offshore businesses. Therefore, the offshore payment gateway faces such issues. Nonetheless, the reality is quite different from these cliches. Your business will witness a great change when you accept the international payment gateway for your global reach of the business.

“The market size of global contactless payments is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.7% from $10.3 Bn in 2020 to $18 Mn by 2025” – (Inc42)

Therefore, to grab the opportunity to reach the top, one needs the best payment service providers with ample professionals to support you through the tough times. Let us burst open the cliches for you and see what we have in the store.

What are the Cliches?

  1. Offshore is Expensive as hell!

Definitely not so. It is one of the most cost-efficient when you talk in terms of the global market. Cost-efficiency is not about the initial fees or the documentations. But it is cost-efficient when you look through the perspective of payments.

Think about it, a domestic payment is different from an international payment. Therefore, the fee is slightly different. But if you get the order through cash, the charges will be sky high for both your business and the consumers.

  1. Company Safety will be compromised.

Privacy is of utmost importance for both the payment service provider as well as the acquiring bank that is accepting the payments for your business. Do research the payment service provider on various accords and make sure that you are choosing the correct company for handling all the payments.

If the provider is authentic, they will be welcoming to provide the best features for your business, such as the multiple modes of payment, currencies, and languages for a better consumer experience. There are tonnes of features that can be used with a payment gateway to enhance the dealings.

  1. Other Countries will not be willing to choose the business.

Maybe true in regards to business type. But it is a cliche as if you will research the competitors you will find many of them are using an offshore payment gateway because it significantly reduces the taxes on the payments giving better opportunities to your business.

eCommerce businesses as an example started with a domestic business and then spread their wings to different countries altogether.

  1. Credit Cards are the only options

Nope! On the contrary, a payment gateway provides your business with multiple modes of payment. That means consumers around the world can pay through their most preferred mode of payment hassle-free.

Net Banking, Crypto, eChecks, ACH, eWallets, etc. are also the available modes of payment that an offshore payment gateway provides.

  1. Offshore Payment Gateway is tough to get

The offshore merchant account along with a payment gateway is a boon for your business. It is a preconceived notion that getting a payment gateway offshore is tough and you will have to go through loads of research. However, many payment service providers offer a payment processing channel internationally.

All you need is a simple google search and you will be seeing loads of service providers for your business. You need to keep track of the risk and the type of business that you are dealing with. Whether you are a high-risk or low-risk business and what is your business model to reach the consumers.

These are some of the cliches that the general market pushes on a corporation.

How to make a difference?

Break the barrier. These ideas are created to work through a local channel. However, when you set your mind to it, you can get over all of these. In other words, a business is all about utilizing the most cost-efficient and time-efficient methods to produce the best results for the company.

Therefore, a simple step to research an offshore payment gateway will aid your business to get a better opportunity with payment processing. The ease of payments for the consumers has a significant impact on your business. Some statistics suggest that consumers tend to leave a site if they find the payment procedure lengthy or time-consuming.

Choosing a payment service provider such as eMerchantPro brings better features and benefits to your business. The unsurpassed solutions of our company can help you with various transaction-related obstacles.

The major change starts with a simple step. Research the service providers around the world to get the best deals for your business. Moreover, keep in mind the sector of business that you are a part of. eMerchantPro extends its hand to the High-Risk Merchants who are denied service by the conventional banks and PSPs.

Request a callback from eMerchantPro and connect with our expert team to clear all your doubts you have for the offshore payment gateway. You will be getting personalized assistance for every aspect related to the payment services.