Adult Toys Merchant Account

Adult Merchant Account

Is your Adult Toys Business cared less by conventional banks? eMerchantPro to rescue!

Do you Seek Adult Payment Services or Merchant Account for your Business?

The affordability of the payment services and merchant account is our forte. We are providing merchant account services as well as payment gateway services to adult toys, videos, merchandise, memberships, dating sites, and much more.

eMerchantPro is known for its secure, reliable, and affordable services across various high-risk industries. Understandably, there are various needs of every merchant just like there are various requirements of the consumers. Thus, we offer the precise solution for every query

Adult Merchant Account

The Global Market Value of the Adult Industry is rising Steeply. The continuously growing market size of the industry holds enormous potential for your business. The growth of the industry is projected to be in multi-billions.

Thus, an online business in the adult industry needs a merchant account to accept the payments and generate revenue for the business. It allows your business to take a step forward into the industry.

However, the problem lies with the industry being in the high-risk sector. Mostly, high-risk businesses are denied a merchant account by the banks. The high-risk factor and the volatility of the market create a huge problem for the merchants. eMerchantPro accepts high-risk businesses with open arms. We understand your business needs and help you to get a merchant account for your online business to prosper.

Adult Toys Payment Gateway​

Payment Processing on the website is also important. If the payment is not processed on the website how can you accept online payments? The Adult Industry be it toys, membership, novelties, magazines, etc needs to be paid by the consumers. Therefore, we provide a Payment Gateway for the Adult Industry to process online payments on your website.

We, in most cases, will have a solution for your adult entertainment business, thus, it will help your business to create a better opportunity. It is the payment processing channel that allows the consumers to pay on the website. Thus, your business needs to boom in the market as soon as possible.

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Why do you Need an Adult Payment Processor for your business?

The very basics towards getting an adult payment processor is to understand the fact that the business is a high-risk sector. To start with, a high-risk business serves various parameters to get to a payment processing channel.

You need a dedicated payment processor to serve the parameters. However, there are various conditions that the bank chooses for the high-risk sector. For example, you have an adult bookstore. Banks automatically classify it as a high-risk group because they are involved in financing adult entertainment businesses. This industry poses a reputational risk.

In this case, you have an adult bookstore, but you have not chosen the right path to make sure you have the right high-risk account for your business. What will happen next?

Well, since you didn’t prevent the possibility of closing your merchant account for adult entertainment, that’s exactly what happened. The bank closes your merchant account and holds your funds without notice. This means that you have no opportunity to sell your product or service. You can no longer accept credit and debit card payments.

All cash flows cease immediately. Worst of all, the money from the products or services you sell will also be held by the bank for the next few months. The only way to avoid this is to choose the right payment system for your high-risk merchant account in the first place.

Why do you need an Adult Merchant Account Processing?

When looking for the perfect solution for working with adult sellers, including online dating, strip clubs, adult bookstores, new books, toys, and sites requiring pornography memberships, successfully accepting debit and credit cards can be a tedious process.

Adult merchant accounts act as bank accounts for your online store. When customers buy products from your website, the payment gateway sends important information to your merchant account. After verifications and exchanging key data, the payment is transferred over and you see your revenue grow.

In some industries, such as those that require an adult merchant account, it is difficult to log into your local bank and get a loan. There are many rules and procedures to follow first.

A Quick Integration of Adult Payment Gateway

The barrier of getting a merchant account from a conventional bank is the only problem with high-risk businesses. However, if you reach a merchant service provider like eMerchantPro, your merchant account onboarding, for an actively supportive merchant, can be completed on the same day.

Moreover, the payment processing channel or the payment gateway also takes only 1 day for a merchant who is actively involved in the process. It is the least possible time for any service provider and eMerchantPro has a complete in-house team of professionals to quickly integrate a payment processing channel to your website. The procedure is of 4 steps.

  1. Fill in the inquiry form
  2. Get a callback from our expert team for credentials
  3. Submit the documentation, Wait for our underwriting team to get the approval
  4. Accept Payments Online with the payment processing channel for your business.

Influence on your Adult Merchant Account due to the High-Risk Factor

The High-Risk Factor of the business has a significant effect on your business. Most of the conventional banks and service providers will deny a merchant account and a payment gateway. This is because their primary area of working is limited to low and medium-risk businesses. It becomes a huge task for a business to find a payment service provider for a high-risk business.

Though your business will likely be accepted by them. However, the chargeback ratio and the monthly volume will be a huge task for them to handle. Therefore, they tend to drop these merchants and hold the money for some time. After many attempts, you may get your money back but you need a great amount of time for that.

You need a dedicated processor that allows your business to accept online payments and process them on your website. It will allow your business to reach a better audience even though your business categorizes into the high-risk class.

eMerchant Pro is known for its dealings in the category. Therefore, it will help your Adult business to easily get a merchant account as well as a payment gateway.

eMerchantPro is known for the best-in-class services and solutions for both merchant accounts as well as the payment gateway. You may reach out to our expert team for obtaining complete merchant assistance for your merchant account as well as payment processing solutions.

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Why eMerchantPro?

eMerchantPro understands the needs of the Adult Industry. Therefore, we have tailored our payment gateway and the needs of a merchant account to the industry. We have a huge network of acquiring banks to ensure instant approval. Moreover, with our cutting-edge tech, the integration of eCommerce Payment Gateway can be up and running in no time. We have precise solutions to all your payment-related needs.



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